• Titanfall Arcade Two Best Games 2016 See

  • Titanfall Arcade Two Best Games 2016 See

    Titanfall Arcade Two Best Games 2016 See. When I heard the announcement of Titanfall 2, don’t get me interested in the match, because I got the first Titanfall at launch, and the game was not all that he promised. But time went by and trailers and analyses were coming out, and I decided to give a chance to the match. I’m glad I did it because he was one of the best surprises of 2016!

    2 Titanfall improved everything that worked in the first game and corrected all the mistakes he made. The game now has a simple very whimsical player campaign and intense: in this journey, we follow the aspiring pilot Cooper and the Titan B.T., you end up having to work together on an alien planet to survive. In the campaign, the Respawn managed to establish an excellent momentum as the duo, making you care about the characters and understand the strength of the bond between rider and Titan.

    The gameplay does not stay behind, being very fluid, easy to learn and full of possibilities, it is time to execute the enemies, to escape from them and overcome obstacles. Speaking of obstacles, the level of game design is exquisite, establishing several routes, great scenarios, and entering some details varied gameplay in a few levels, playing with time travel and other different mechanics. Is parkour, shooting, and battle of the Titans first quality because we have bosses invoked on the campaign trail.

    In addition to its intense campaign, 2 Titanfall still has an excellent multiplayer mode; you can translate all that emotion very well right that Cooper’s adventures brought to the campaign. With half a dozen of the Titans available and several “settings” of different riders, the multiplayer offers intense and dynamic battles with maps of good size and with good upright to take advantage of parkour that series turned the futuristic trend.

    If the first game has disappointed some players, Titanfall 2 fixes with praise all faults. He is everything the first game could (and should) have been but is coming with two years late. But, as they say, “better late than never ‘, and the Respawn hit the hand here. Give it a chance to Titanfall 2; it will certainly surprise you because it was one of the best games of the year.

    Titanfall Arcade Two Best Games 2016 See

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