• Mother Russia Bleeds Nostalgia Sees

  • Mother Russia Bleeds Nostalgia Sees

    Mother Russia Bleeds Nostalgia Sees. If you, like me, took quite the era of beat them up games of years 80 and 90 as Final Fight, Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, cannot fail to meet Mother Russia Bleeds. Despite the retro appearance, Mother Russia Bleeds is a game of today, which was released for PCs in September and now in December reached the PS4, and the analysis below was made based on this console version.

    You begin to understand that this is a current game only when you realize that your content might never have been released at the time without arousing controversy and will probably be banned in several countries. Mother Russia Bleeds follows the line of several games in the genre beatthem up. However, he crosses some boundaries with sex scenes, drug use and abuse and violence with all the blood which is entitled and more. To give you an idea, you can rip your enemy’s head and use it as a weapon.

    The best way to “use your head” in Mother Russia Bleeds. Other topics we’ll controversial game that can be cited is that of sadomasochism, violence against animals and indiscriminate research in humans and animals. Revenge, justice or revolution? The game’s story is logically in Russia, though, in an alternate version in the years 80, you can choose between 4 different characters, each with their characteristics, origins, and motivations.

    The four characters. Bots can fill the time, but anytime somebody else can get into the game. Regardless of who you choose, the story itself follows only one plot. All 4 from a group of fighters of a Roma community under the mentorship of a man named Mikhail. When the Mafia organization Bratva attacks the gypsy camp, the soldiers are imprisoned in a clandestine laboratory, an experimental drug called Nekro is injected into their bodies, and they become addicts.

    The attack on the gypsy camp was stopping the fight. You or your friends can control the characters in his escape from the lab and in the execution of her revenge. Later you discover that to destroy the Organization; you will contribute to the revolutionary cause you want to rid the country of corrupt government and the mafia.
    In total, there are two different outcomes, a sad ending, and a happy ending. Obviously, the last quoted is the most difficult to win, you must defeat the final boss without using the drug Niekro against him and believe me, it’s hard to beat him even using the drug.

    Mother Russia Bleeds Nostalgia Sees

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