• Unravel Best Games Year 2016 Sees

  • Unravel Best Games Year 2016 Sees

    Unravel Best Games Year 2016 Sees. Unravel is the kind of game that draws attention of man for his nice visual, but it’s much more than just a pretty face. Captivating and touching, he is a journey full of meaning that earned its place on our list of best of the year.
    To Unravel, a friendly little creature control made of wool called Yarny. Our little hero is in search of memories (some happy, some not so much). There’s a reason he’s in this mission, and she is extremely touching. Unravel is not a game about Yarny, is a story about life, about the joys and sorrows that we all.

    The simple narrative of the match itself would work, but still a delivery Unravel simple platform gameplay, but creative and well executed. There is a “gap” here which is the own wool, which will develop the character’s body as he explores. Get shortcuts and alternate paths is essential to save their wool, which should also be used to create bridges and trampolines. Unravel has an excellent level design, which incorporates intricate puzzles in small environments such as classrooms, gardens, and garages.

    Every detail seems thought to make the most of the skills of the protagonist, that can rappel using your wool, flying hanging on kites and much more. Some puzzles are quite complex, and test the logical reasoning and attention of the player. The feeling that the character is small and helpless in the face of great danger is great, and the game is not fighting, you have to find a way to bypass or hide from birds, cockroaches, crabs and other “enemies.” Again, make this demand creativity and exploration.

    Closes with this package a fantastic audiovisual Department, delivering 2.5 D almost photorealistic landscapes for Yarny explore. The soundtrack is the kind that reaches “right in the feels,” empowering the events and emotions of the player. Unravel is melancholy and introspective, but it’s also a beautiful, charismatic and breathtaking message. He enters the hall of games that are more to be “experienced” than played, as the Great Journey or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. An experience that undoubtedly deserves to be appreciated by any gamer who seeks something that goes beyond pure and straightforward fun.

    Unravel Best Games Year 2016 Sees

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