• Valley Bests Games 2016 Understanding

  • Valley Bests Games 2016 Understanding

    Valley Bests Games 2016 Understanding. Valley is one of those games that could have passed unnoticed by many means, simply because he is not a mainstream game, nor had a great marketing campaign. But he was a pleasant surprise, and earned its place on our list of best games of the Year! At a first glance, it might seem just another Valley walk simulator, but it’s more than that, because mixing exploration and platform with a good story, that puts us in the shoes of a researcher who seeks the “seed of life” and stumbles on a secret Valley, whose “magical” properties have been studied in obscure scientific projects.

    Equipped with a cybernetic exo-suit style called L.E.A.F. Suit, your mission is to explore the Valley and research and training centers that exist there, hoping to understand better the secrets and mysteries of the Valley and of everything that happens there. All this to the sound of a soundtrack no less than spectacular.
    Valley offers a sense of speed and freedom very singular: the L.E.A.F. Suit allows us to run so fast and jump very high, and these are essential in the mechanical operation because you will have to take advantage of the momentum of his races to cross cliffs, rivers of lava and other obstacles.

    The game brings a story somewhat subjective and unobtrusive, but wins points for the powerful message inculcated in his screenplay, which comes to life and death with much feeling: basically, L.E.A.F. Suit allows you to grant or remove the plant and animal life, and the vital energy of the Valley is what gives his powers. Do not abuse, because the Valley dies as you die. Although the game suffering from a remarkable identity crisis there in half of the campaign, the body of work is surprisingly good and quite different from Slender: The Arrival, the game that put the Blue Isle Studios on a map. One of those games that we barely pay attention, but surprise us positively.

    Valley Bests Games 2016 Understanding

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