• Final Fantasy Best Games Understanding

  • Final Fantasy Best Games Understanding

    Final Fantasy Best Games Understanding. In the year all eyes were turned to the great Final Fantasy XV, behold a game a little smaller and timider of the series was also released. World of Final Fantasy is a straightforward and beautiful love letter to 30 in this series that captivates players milhões. Forget the open world, the protagonists look like a boy band and the accelerated battles of Final Fantasy XV. World of Final Fantasy search not be revolutionary, grandiose, or anything. What he wants, first and foremost, is to be a tribute to this franchise that gave us so many charismatic characters.

    The story plays a couple of twins Lann and Reynn in a fantasy world inhabited by little people called Grymoire loggerhead. They obviously need to save this world from an evil force that is aimed at perpetrating the chaos, and have there special helpers on this mission: characters from several previous games in the series. Lilikin little cabeçudinhos format you’ll find Edgar, Celes, Cloud, Lightning, Squall, Faris, Vivi, Tidus and dozens of other characters that marked the series. All are only supporting cast, but some can be “recruited” for your team and used as summons, which is kind of cool!

    In a nostalgic way, World of Final Fantasy is much more like Final Fantasy than the XV the episode of the saga: we have random battles in shifts and with ATB bar a little monsters collection system in style Pokémon and a new curious: you can “stack” to his party, causing their heroes and monsters share points and abilities.
    If Final Fantasy XV is a game for fans and newbies “as he says, World of Final Fantasy is a game for fans, anyway. If you, like me, is a fan of the old of this great saga, dip without fear in this cupcake adventure with the taste of nostalgia.

    Final Fantasy Best Games Understanding

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