• Game Drive Drive Drive Audiovisual See

  • Game Drive Drive Drive Audiovisual See

    Game Drive Drive Drive Audiovisual See. Following a retro-futuristic style, the game features polygonal a very specific color palette (shades of purple, blue and green, basically) and a visual that is nice, but nothing spectacular. Reminded me a little Tron style, but in this case, that’s not much of a compliment because the visual does not have the same identity, even if it has real effects of spills on the screen, ice, and other charming details. Splash effects, ice, and speed, give an extra charm to the game.

    The soundtrack, in turn, is excellent: composed by an indie band called Zombi, the tracks mix techno synths with great instrumental lines of drum bass, the songs of the game create a very relaxed atmosphere, right place with the footprint of the match. I know there’s no way to keep the player in control of cars all the time, but the artificial intelligence strives to help the player to do well on every track. Other than that, it’s a beautiful game, and simple to play. Innovation is not always easy, but at least he strives. If you want a racing game “really different” and creative, I suggest you take a look.

    Would keep your car on the track (Yes, it is possible to fall out of the lead), but she doesn’t strain to help win positions, use nitro intelligently, making overtaking, or anything. Also, it is common to you “drop” control of the car in the hands of the PC being in first, and then see their position falling. That’s very frustrating because I’D doesn’t help as much as I should. Game Drive Drive Drive Audiovisual See.

    In practice, it is up to you to try to take control of all the cars in the moments conducive and do your best to get along. What is not always easy because many clues are several short races that barely lasts 1 minute and barely enough time for you to settle comfortably on a track, let alone in 3. Drive! Drive! Drive! It was released on December 13, with versions for PC and Playstation 4. The game is only available in English.

    Game Drive Drive Drive Audiovisual See

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