• Headhunter Metal Gear Solid Understand

  • Headhunter Metal Gear Solid Understand

    Headhunter Metal Gear Solid Understand. In 1998, a Metal Gear Solid had come and changed the way of doing video games forever. The question of the endo, by taken or even cinematographic gameplay, the work of Hideo Kojima’s art to this day inspires many developers touching your projects. And in his time of glory, it wasn’t hard to find games that appeared to try to take the throne. And ended thus: any game that went with the theme of “espionage”, it was treated as the next challenger to Solid Snake: Syphon Filter, Fear Effect, the games 007 pós-Rare and even the Mission Impossible, they all arrived with this status and, between strengths and faults, never came close to the quality of the 32-bit adventure.

    Between all this, there was the Sega, who was with his Dreamcast released, celebrating the power of your console and the quality of their Sonic games, but the absence of the main partners made the Japanese company betting on own initiatives, putting, for example, your Virtua Striker as an option for football, in the absence of FIFA Games or Winning Eleven. And, of course, a game with secret agents was required for the console. It was then that Sega just launching, in 2001, at the end of life of your console and only in Europe, Headhunter, game developed by Amaze, a Swede who has in its records only the number of agents, which was relaunched in 2002, with Sega out of the console market, for the Playstation 2, and that generated a sequence, Headhunter Redemption, was released in 2004 for PS2 and Xbox.

    The game takes place in a near future, in a Los Angeles that has an individual agency to combat organized crime, the ACN (Anti-Crime Network), specializing in solving cases that the Government can’t afford to take on. For the ACN, the hired guns are bounty hunters or professional killers, who get a job and go, getting a particular escalation of success. However, what even the agents knew was that the ACN took advantage of their targets, selling to the black market to the local high society since the town was in the crisis of human organs for transplants. But all was walking quietly up to the death of the founder of the Agency, Christopher Stern, and the amnesia of Jack Wade, one of the best agents out.

    The story, despite being presented in a very Hammy, with images of a local newspaper and a few cutscenes, until he meets a fascinating plan to unfold, ignoring the topic “Salvation of the world”, and putting the focus on the protagonist, that search for answers, while next to the player, you will discover more about the misdeeds of the Agency and its members. Well, as were the action movies of the ‘ 80. As one of many examples, here I leave lethal weapon movie series that had history and local villain, and which also had a lot of attention in his protagonists.

    The gameplay of the game, in turn, just Yes borrowing elements from Metal Gear Solid, for example, communication between the characters, which, much like Solid Snake Codec, occur in individual watches (and sponsored by Casio) where you can hear and see the character in question. The game of Kojima, also have the stealth, needed in a few moments, with the law behind attacks and everything, and we also have a system of classification, which is confusing and weird, but who strongly reminiscent of the prioritization of the MSX series games from Konami.

    Also, the battles with bosses also seem to have inspired much in the game of espionage. Not for the bosses themselves, but by the need that the game has to put in different situations for each fight, trying to change the gameplay in these moments, such as the Snake battles faced in 1998, is fighting a helicopter, or against a tank. Oh, and we have “Virtual reality training” here too, see? But, there was also another game I borrowed many influences to Headhunter: Resident Evil. Because it is a game with an investigation, the S.T.A.R.S. members went to Jack Wade the ability to find items along the way; you solve puzzles and open doors initially inaccessible. And a third influence is also visible in the game when we took that bike ba canula for Los Angeles.

    We’re talking about Driver, the game before GTA III and CIA, have put us in a more straightforward, of course, in a city to solve missions at high speed. The bike here, serves only as a means of transport, leading Jack to the places of investigation and action of the game, and has its gameplay well simpleton. Despite the missions in VR, which you require to fulfill a circuit in a specified time, in the match itself, it only serves to locomotion and an annoying sum of points that the game asks you to access the next special mission to level up.

    Headhunter Metal Gear Solid Understand

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