• Hideo Kojima Honored Games Awards

  • Hideo Kojima Honored Games Awards

    Hideo Kojima Honored Games Awards. Last year, Hideo Kojima was awarded the 2015 Game Game for his work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the director’s last game in the series he created, and his latest game while working on Konami. And as many already know, the end of last year was a real hurricane for Kojima. Konami removed its name from the MGSV advertisements, closed its studio, practically kept it as a “hostage,” without even being able to access internet and phone at work. And was prevented by the own Konami of appearing publicly and even of going until the TGA receive his prize. Hideo Kojima Honored Game Awards .

    Thus, this year’s edition began with Geoff Keighley putting an end to this tendency last year. Hideo Kojima was awarded the icon of the Video Games Industry in an emotional speech by Geoff, a friend of Kojima’s, who commented on the terrible way that Konami dealt with the director, and the return of Kojima with his new studio, as well as the fact Of Kojima not wanting to accept last year’s award even by mail for believing that it would keep him stuck in the past. But finally, in 2016, Kojima was the target of all honors:

    And of course, Kojima took the opportunity to show a new, and even more puzzling trailer for his upcoming game, Death Stranding! The trailer shows a city in ruins, occupied by a mysterious army made up of people and even dead! With airplanes and bizarre tanks crossing this town. Also it is evident from the presence of two great and illustrious figures in the game, the film director Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen! And so, the rumors have been confirmed, and Hannibal from the TV series and the villain from Dr. Strange’s movie is present in the game! Hideo Kojima Honored Game Awards .

    The trailer is racing in real time, in 4K resolution on the Playstation 4 Pro. And like the first trailer of the game, it remains more confusing than anything else, but as Kojima has stated before, it’s still a long time for the match to be finished, And until we can see more things about the game, such as its gameplay and plot.
    The homage to Hideo Kojima was something exciting do not you agree? And undoubtedly was one of the great moments of the TGA 2016, and look that this year we had several moments to stay in the memory!

    Hideo Kojima Honored Games Awards

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