• Amnesia Collection Arrives on PS4 Sees

  • Amnesia Collection Arrives on PS4 Sees

    Amnesia Collection Arrives on PS4 Sees. The fastest growing branch within the Survival Horror genre is undoubtedly the first personal terror. This is not a new subgenre, and it has been around for decades, but it is a highly explored subgenre from games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Slender to Outlast, and back in the Resident Evil VII universe.

    The Resident Evil series itself began to explore the first person terror there on PS1 with Resident Evil Survivor, which shows how this subgenre is no longer new. And we still have to mention Silent Hill 4: The Room, which alternates between first and third person. But all current horror games venturing into this first-person perspective owe everything to a particular series, the one that drew the line and set the standard for that subgenre, becoming the turning point and first-person terror reference. And if you like that style, you owe your thanks to the Amnesia series.

    And now, Amnesia, which until then was an exclusive series for the PCs arrives on the PS4, allowing the players of the console of Sony can finally, if they have not had the opportunity before, to confer a series of quality terror. And also to remind those who have already ventured into the horror of the game, like me, the traumas, leaps in the chair and until another time or another the lack that a diaper did while playing.

    The Amnesia series gained great fame for its high quality, first-rate horror and also for gameplay videos on youtube, with players filming themselves going through huge scares with the series. The Dark Descent was released in 2010, and A Machine for Pigs was published in 2013, and with these games now coming to PS4, it’s time to resubmit them to the players.

    The series begins with The Dark Descent, the best and most terrifying chapter in the series. In this game we are in the shoes of Daniel, a man who wakes up inside a castle suffering from amnesia, being able just to remember his name. When he awakens, he finds a note written by himself before losing his memory, saying that he must enter the depths of this castle and kill Alexander, the Baron of the castle of Brennen but, and prevent a terrible evil that is about to happen.

    Justine is one of The Dark Descent’s DLCs, and the only one inserted in this collection. This is a short DLC that can be finished in a few minutes. It’s a little Mortal Games adventure, in which we must try to save prisoners in a dungeon, participating in a macabre mental and social experiment of the mysterious Justine.
    And Machine For Pigs tells the story of Oswald Mandus, the owner of a rich food company who wakes up in his room, without any memory of recent events, and sets out to find his children in a London on the eve of the early twentieth century, passing The city streets and dark factories facing unknown dangers and grotesque pig men.

    Amnesia Collection Arrives on PS4 Sees

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