• CCXP 2016 Assassins Creed Understand

  • CCXP 2016 Assassins Creed Understand

    CCXP 2016 Assassins Creed Understand. Assassin’s Creed was also a subject of Fox’s CCXP panel. The film, which premiered on January 19, 2017, was one of the studio’s attractions in its presentation and offered the audience some scenes of what’s to come. The proposal to reflect to the maximum the universe of the games of the franchise, besides the direct support of Ubisoft, makes the film one of the most awaited of recent times, within the genre, and also represents a new phase for such longs, always deferred By the gamer public due to the distance between universe of games and what appears on the big screen.

    But everything we like in Assassin’s Creed appears in the trailers: the fighting, setting, costumes and especially the Salto de Fé. This even jump, which was shot without the aid of special effects. Someone jumped more than 30 feet tall to capture the movie’s jumping scenes. This “assassin” is Damien Walters, British stunt, and gymnast, in charge of taking care of the action scenes of Michael Fassbender, the protagonist of the film. He made these jumps to catch them being as realistic as possible. Including, this video shows how the increase process was. And after the panel, we had the opportunity to talk to Walters. The stuntman commented on the responsibility of participating in a project with a fan base as demanding as it is in the gamer community.

    The Fox panel also featured other good news, including The Powerful Chef, an animated comedy of the same ones involved in Shrek, which means a baby with a mafia boss. A Brazilian animation called Lino and with the main character voiced by Selton Melo, was also absorbing, with a protagonist that becomes the animal that was fancy in children’s parties. And the other great attraction of the night was Logan. Wolverine’s farewell to the role of Wolverine was presented with scenes unheard of by the public, and a very melancholic trailer that will dictate the direction of the film. Another film that seems to be very promising and promises to be the farewell worthy of one of the most beloved comic heroes, and now, the movies.

    CCXP 2016 Assassins Creed Understand

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