• Survive by Shadows in Syndrome Understand

  • Survive by Shadows in Syndrome Understand

    Survive by Shadows in Syndrome Understand. Be prepared for a lot of tension, dark hallways, creepy monsters, terrifying climate and some formulas that have worked in other games in the sinister Syndrome, the Studio Bigmoon Entertainment. Survival Horror first-person shooter is lucky forever. The possibility of being in the skin (or eyes) of the protagonist and feel the whole conflict in a close point of view is a differential that attracted players from the early games released in this genre.

    However, in spite of the first games that mixed horror with first person shooter focus more on destruction and annihilation of the enemy (usually hideous creatures, as in Doom), a style a little more subtle (and much more scary, in my opinion) and focused on survival, on stealth, with less fighting is gaining more and more space and admirers.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent presents such a concept with mastery, as well as the new Alien: Isolation, and this style of gameplay tense, with a growing climate, (as in P.T. too) calls a lot of attention. The difficulty to survive against adamant beings and being just a fragile human also cooperates to an atmosphere of fear and tension. And Syndrome has many aspects of this style, although also a hard fight, the focus of the game is to escape unharmed from the creatures that inhabit the spacecraft.

    Lost in space (but not alone). The game begins rather cliché movie/game space: you’re Trent Galen, who wakes up with amnesia from a State of cryostasis and finds his ship apparently empty and utterly destroyed (and a good part of his journey will be to repair the different sectors of the vehicle). It won’t take long, and Galen discovers that not only his crew was murdered as the survivors (if you can call it that) became a kind of space zombies the Xenomorphs of Dead Space. And that’s never a good sign, isn’t it?

    Between discovering what happened to the crew of the ship and survive the almost indestructible monsters that are wandering the halls dark, claustrophobic and bloody, you end up getting the contact of two survivors of the disaster: the hopeful Neomi and the mysterious James Marko. But then the situation starts to get complicated, because while Neomi asks your help claiming to be sheltered with survivors, James says he’s in the company of several Neomi psychopaths who kill all who show up. And who’s telling the truth? As this infection come from? How to escape? All of these issues responded to during the game, which ends with surprising twists!

    Survive by Shadows in Syndrome Understand

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