• Smach Z Portable PC Games Understand

  • Smach Z Portable PC Games Understand

    Smach Z Portable PC Games Understand. How about playing good PC games in the comfort of the laptop? As this is the proposal of Z, Spanish team SMACH after removing its first project, the SteamBoy, redesigned the project, has made some necessary changes and has already achieved the required amount on Kickstarter to turn it into reality. It is a handheld game console with the ability to connect the Steam and, according to your hardware, download and play any game on the platform, in the place you want.

    With the battery life of 5 hours (Yes, also found little, but he offers an extra battery), the laptop runs games such as Metro natively: Last Night, Just Cause 2 and even some recent titles, as the Overwatch. To run the games, the AMD Merlin Falcon RX-421BD team laptop with 4 GB RAM (or 8 GB, if it is the model PRO) joining a GPU Radeon R7 and a 6-inch touch screen. See below the laptop specifications:

    • colors: 4/4
    • iGPU: Radeon R7 800 MHz
    • HARD DRIVE: 64 GB (SMACH Z) || 128 GB (SMACH Z PRO)
    • Fabric: 6 “FULL HD (1920 × 1080). Capacitive touch screen.
    • Battery: 5 hours of gaming.
    • MicroSD.
    • USB 3.0 type C.
    • Output to HDMI.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity 5.0 Ghz. 4 g LTE for model PRO
    • Bluetooth.
    • 1.3-megapixel Front camera for model PRO

    The original design and canceled was proposed to bring Steam the operating system, but the team saw fit to support on Linux and mount an OS owner, SMACH Z. However, for those who want to make better use of the library of the Steam, can also be installed Windows 10. Benchmarks with some games were conducted to show the power of the laptop. Its controls rely on four action buttons, four shoulder buttons, analog stick, and two touchpads, plus an adapter for old games, which transforms one of the touchpads in one directional. This is because the laptop will also work as the emulator, which according to the manufacturer, supports the classics to consoles such as the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii.

    In addition to the emulation, the SMACH Z also promises streaming PC and Playstation 4 games, HDMI connection, which transforms it into a console table, Multimedia Center, and even the possibility of turning it into a Pocket PC, because it counts with 10 Windows or Linux as your operating systems.
    The project is in the Kickstarter until November 19 but has already surpassed the 250,000 euros and requested. With a promise of delivery for February 2017, has its price based on 299 euros, if we take into consideration that this is the value that guarantees a console in his campaign. The PRO costs, at least in the campaign, 499 euros.

    Smach Z Portable PC Games Understand

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