• Shadwen Main Goal Game Understand

  • Shadwen Main Goal Game Understand

    Shadwen Main Goal Game Understand. The objective of the game is to escort Lily to the end of phase House, marked by a large crest on its end point. The problem is that most of the time Lily uncooperative and makes it hard. The good side is that we don’t have to worry about the safety of Lily, she gets around cache, and the enemies will never attack, even though she walk in front of them. Lily always will seek to cover and not will progress if any enemy who might see her. We can send Lily to follow to certain points through a command, but she will obey only if there are no enemies on the way. That is, if there is no enemy whose field of vision in the way his way, she will follow, if there is even an enemy whose field of view to see Lily as a matter of centimetres, she didn’t advance, and will point to the enemy that prevents any further, so we can get rid of him.

    The problem is that the AI of Lily is very fickle. While there are times when she turns very well, progressing quickly with any breach that we give to her, at other times she simply does everything wrong and doesn’t obey when we send her to some point. Several times I’ve cleared the way for her to attract all enemies away, she then followed by half of the way, and when an enemy for a split second I looked in his direction, she’d come back all the way, sometimes even trying to go back to the beginning of the stage for no reason.

    At other times, Lily reached the end of the stage, missing only that I take Shadwen until then to conclude the phase in question, and she’d come back all the way for no reason, throwing away all the strategy that I had to make way for her, because the enemies were already back to their posts. Fortunately, the back and feature freeze time getting real estate help, and in this situation, that is, if again Lily leave. Many times I pointed a Bush to hide. She went up to him and hid, but when I got there, she’d come back everything, and when I ordered her to go back to the Bush, she just walked up to him and again came back. Or in other situations, to open doors to new areas, Lily did not follow in front, forcing me to order her to go to a point close to me to finally start moving.

    Unfortunately, the fickle Lily hurts the game at times, since what we should do in the match is take it from beginning to an end of the stages. Often she was arrested in the scenarios, as solved floor in one direction and was arrested. Are ups and downs, it is often difficult to attract enemies away, because unlike Lily, the AI of enemies is very competent. When you draw an opponent away, or if an enemy sees you, he will investigate. But enemies don’t just go to the point where they saw something weird, look, and come back. They first go to the site that attracted, investigate, then examine the surroundings with great skill, and then return to their posts. Also, if an enemy notice something strange, notifies you who are near.

    The other nearby enemies so you can join in the inspection, or can just ignore because they haven’t seen or heard anything, and they say it’s only impression of the enemy alerted. The enemies are brilliant, and investigate any sound and movement they detect. From time to time the enemies will not notice certain actions but were rare moments, most of the time, the enemies are ruthless.

    Shadwen Main Goal Game Understand

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