• Shadwen Graphics and Sounds Sees

  • Shadwen Graphics and Sounds Sees

    Shadwen Graphics and Sounds Sees. Shadwen has beautiful graphics, despite the simple visual. The effects of textures and lighting are excellent, but the game has a more realistic, unlike Trine. We have beautiful scenery, with sunsets, starry nights with a full moon, and misty rain. The scenarios and objects have a more cartoony style Trine, but without the beautiful magic landscapes, with the predominance of stone walls, dirty streets full of rubble and darkness. The cutscenes of the game rolling with animations in paintings, with beautiful designs that look handmade.

    Unfortunately, the game was not very well optimized. Running with very laggy on the higher settings. My PC isn’t the best, but decent enough to play other games that require more visual processing without problems. And Shadwen, which despite being breathtaking, it’s not a game so dark to turn sin in this regard and must give a marshland in the graphics for the game rotate smoothly, but still retaining its beauty.

    Sound Department the game rocks. Most of the time the ambient sounds predominate, and all we hear is the sound of rain, Dos Passos and conversations of enemies, as well as of our actions, but when the music is present it is sweet and subtle, giving a tonne of mystery and urgency to the journey of Shadwen and Lily. Shadwen is a great game of stealth with excellent mechanics that could and should be reused in future games, mainly the time control feature combined with the use of the grappling hook, which make the game fun. Shadwen Graphics and Sounds Sees.

    Unfortunately due to the artificial intelligence of Lily, the game ends up being frustrating at certain times. After all, our primary goal is to guide Lily, and when we do our part, and she doesn’t help, it is tough. But when would Lily works the right way, the game is very satisfying and fun? So if you like a good game of stealth action, take a look at Shadwen, is worth it for fans of the genre. Shadwen has versions for PC and Playstation 4.

    Shadwen Graphics and Sounds Sees

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