• Wells Action Steampunk Audiovisual See

  • Wells Action Steampunk Audiovisual See

    Wells Action Steampunk Audiovisual See. Wells starts the game with only a pistol but in the course of the adventure he finds some more weapons, such as the one that shoots explosives that roll on the floor, another whose bombs stick to walls (and enemies) to be fired remotely. As the hero gains new weapons, new types of enemies and obstacles are emerging, forcing the player to make good use of his arsenal. An interesting detail is that you do not need to be collecting ammunition for your weapons. However, they all have a maximum number of shots, requiring a cooldown time to reload automatically. Use them wisely so you do not get caught up in the tensest moments.

    Although the steampunk theme is not necessarily a novelty in the world of games, in the case of games produced in Brazil it is not very common, and it is clear that the staff of Tower Up took care of creating the universe of the match, which is Caprica do And with a very stylish design. Each stage takes place in a different region of the city under different weather and lighting conditions. From dark tunnels and huge power plants to the top of the buildings, you will get to know many different places of Persepolis during your adventure. This steampunk vibe was also very well used in designing the enemies that Wells faces: bizarre flying machines, massive zeppelins armed with cannons and Tesla coils, and of course giant robot insects.

    Because it is a 2.5D game, you move left and right, but the camera occasionally changes places and jokes with perspective to give you a better idea of the dimensions of environments. Except for some awkward animations, the overall look of the game is absorbing. The soundtrack does not let the shuttle drop and marries very well with the action that the game delivers. All the songs signed by the miners of The Radical Dreamers, the band specializing in working with arrangements and tracks of games.

    Wells is fun and unstrung Brazilian game that apparently was produced with affection and attention to detail. It is not a revolutionary game or anything, but it fulfills its role and offers good hours of challenge and fun. And it’s 100% Brazilian game coming before to a console, so give that strength! Wells was released last month and is available from the Microsoft online store for a good price. Soon the game will also come to Steam and PSN.

    Wells Action Steampunk Audiovisual See

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