• Sleeping Dogs Two Game Understand

  • Sleeping Dogs Two Game Understand

    Sleeping Dogs Two Game Understand. Sleeping Dogs was a great surprise for the open world games, with its vibrant Hong Kong and lots of pounding, in the best style of Jackie Chan movies. And the excellent reception of the public guaranteed the green light for a sequence that went into the pre-production phase, but ended up being canceled, since Square Enix preferred to focus on more famous franchises such as Hitman and Tomb Raider.

    This information was revealed by the Waypoint website, which brought to the public archives and conversations with people involved in the Sleeping Dogs 2 process. The game would be a direct sequel to the first game, with Wei Shen joining forces with Henry Fang, a fixed, problems. The action would be in Pearl River and the novelty here, was that any NPC could be arrested, in a more evolved way to what already happened in True Crime.

    Also, the idea of the team was to launch along with the game a mobile version that would interact directly with Pearl River. Jane Tang would be the character of smartphones, and whatever she did on the mobile, would resonate on the console, like a patrol being sent to a particular location, reaching as far as her character is, to support him. The game would also deal in a deeper way in the characters’ character, in which the cop could arrest the bad guy or accept a bribe and let him go. These actions would influence the number of crimes in the neighborhoods and also the level of difficulty, with the streets “clean” or not.

    The coop was in the plans, with missions involving races and fights, but it would also offer random missions that would be generated by the game itself, probably involving police work, and would be revolutionary if it were functional, since the replay factor would be enlarged to gigantic proportions. But United Front Games was not able to take the project forward, because of some barriers that appeared along the way. Square Enix gave priority to Hitman and Tomb Raider, taking much of the money that would be invested in a possible Sleeping Dogs 2.

    In addition to this, we have a problem that came before the launch of the first game. As we all know, Sleeping Dogs used to be True Crime, a series owned by Activision, which was bought by Square Enix and soon after its name was changed, in a process that was not very calm among those involved, which caused until the exit Of important team people. Even with the later cancellation, United Front Games tried another project involving Sleeping Dogs, the Triad Wars, which would be free-to-play and based on the universe of the game. But again the two parties did not understand and the game was also canceled. United Front Games then closed its doors in October this year.

    Sleeping Dogs Two Game Understand

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