• Metal Slug First Revolution of the wars

  • Metal Slug First Revolution of the wars

    Metal Slug First Revolution of the wars. Wars have always been very comfortable to carry for a video game. The concept of shooting at everything that moves, taking care not to be reached since the first games, became popular in the years 80 and too was of the arcades. Commando, Rambo, or even more fanciful sets, as Against, they took the players dream of adventures in space and put them in the battle fronts. In 2007, we had a revolution as the way to combat in the virtual world, with the arrival of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which redefined the way of war and until today, said the trends of games, be they FPS or not. But eleven years earlier, in 1996, a first revolution was appearing: Metal Slug, the game which United arcade action, excellent humor, and unlike the game of Activision, not dictated trends, but ended a cycle of gold by joining all that his predecessors had.

    One of the first great things that Metal Slug offers to your player is your universe. Although action games included only with a “sorry” to descend lead into their enemies, the game of Nazca, which was published by SNK in their days of glory for his late Neo Geo, had something very intriguing, especially for a title made for eating chips of the arcades of the planet. With analogies to the second world war and the global conflicts that existed so far, with emphasis on the war in Iraq, the title takes us to the year 2028, where two groups are at war for control of all: something like a group that represents a military group focused on ensuring peace, and a rebel group, which uses the force to its purposes, including terrorist attacks. Our enemies, commanded by General Morden, or a double of Saddam Hussein must be stopped at all costs.

    And what calls attention right off the bat, is the fact that in the future, but with scenes, vehicles and characters that refer us to the years of 1940. Until the Super Vehicle-001, the advanced combat system that is the name of the game reminds us more the iconic war tanks of the wars involving Hitler and his contemporaries. But, we also have references to modern conflicts, with the aforementioned terrorist thing. And is in the midst of the chaos, you, as Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, part in the onslaught to finish this story and restore peace on the planet.

    Amid the conflict, we have six very different scenarios, which reflect the already mentioned references to global conflicts and serve as a backdrop for the hunting of General Morden. In the first phase, started in an area that is very reminiscent of the environments in Viet Nam, or the battles in the Pacific during the second world war. After passing the River, we’re entering the fortress, which mixes rocks and waterfalls with the soldiers and the first boss, a massive machine to fire shots. In the second phase, in a train station with red banners, making us remember Nazi environment, the shooting follows for a typical European city, with bridges and boats in the way of his journey.

    In phase 3, we climb a snowy mountain, and after destroying a creative machine, which has a button to push and go up the vulnerable part, we went into another city, almost a fortress, in which we are impressed with a destruction of a building, with sparks flying everywhere. While in the fourth phase, we leave the city and head for the rocks, in an arid setting with a wealth of details in vegetation and the tanks destroyed.

    In the fifth stage, we have a great city, which is very reminiscent of Berlin, in another apparent reference to world war, in which a short path, takes us to a forest, the fortress of Morden, which symbolizes the last phase, which ends in a match against horrific general’s plane, which concludes with a sensitive and fantastic animation with a paper airplane running for all scenarios in a message of peace. Which leaves us impressed with the fact that, even with the limitations of the time, the miracles of Metal Slug animation were evident at all times.

    Metal Slug First Revolution of the wars

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