• Batman Gotham Guardian Telltale See

  • Batman Gotham Guardian Telltale See

    Batman Gotham Guardian Telltale See. In the previous analysis, we talk a lot about the importance of Telltale has succeeded in balancing the two faces of the personality of the protagonist of the game, something little seen in other media, including the HQs. Since so, Batman: The Telltale Series is showing a new view of the universe of the bat, which is very beneficial, especially for a character already well known and that lately has been in focus in the movies, whether in games.

    Guardian of Gotham (or Guardian of Gotham, the original) follows along the same lines, as well as an episode of preparation, one where the events so far presented are being embedded in the plot, as pieces of a Board, leaving them ready for a closing of the narrative. This is important in a following structure, but at the same time makes this the warmest of all chapters of the game so far.

    After the events of New world order, we find Bruce in the Arkham Asylum, as an intern. Right away, he finds himself in trouble and the support comes from where you least expect it. Unfortunately, the impact of this meeting was livened up with the delivery of the trailer of the episode. Certainly, if the safe marketing a little more surprise, it would be indeed thought-provoking. But of course, there’s no harm in the most important event in the life of the hero: the first encounter with the Joker.

    OK, he cannot yet be called a Joker. Indeed, the history of the game calls John Doe, a person that no one knows where, or how did you end up in Arkham as an intern. Even its name is known. It’s great that they maintained the mystery around the character. Creating a story for him would be bad. The Joker does not need to show where it came from.

    Obviously, you wouldn’t take for Bruce to get rid of this situation, which only cooled the seriousness of what happened earlier. Of course, he is still suffering the consequences of having been poisoned, but his capture almost has no effect on your life. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems of this episode: the events do not bring serious consequences that they should, which is a shame for an event that sets the stage for the final.

    Batman Gotham Guardian Telltale See

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