• Owlboy Diverse Scenario Understand

  • Owlboy Diverse Scenario Understand

    Owlboy Diverse Scenario Understand. And to unite all these locations in only Owlboy scenario addresses the Metroidvania, however, different from the more traditional games of this genre, the game tends to focus more on the linearity of its history to move the characters. I do not mean that more conventional Metroid Vania have any stories, but it is clear that the focus of Owlboy is to present the plot, the characters and the world around them first while the exploitation of this same world stays in the background, serving as a support to tell the plot within this world.

    There is no incentive to explore the sites and acquire items that the game asks for, as the coins that scattered around the world and that you can redeem for items in the store, and can be both cosmetic items like hats up potions that increase your life bar. There are other incentives, such as the demand for sweet Boguins lost the hunt for emblems and other secrets that release Achievements and secret passages. But nothing needed to complete the story, and none of it made me kick a lot to perform some parallel mission while he was playing.

    Thus Owlboy uses Metroidvania elements to give options of paths for the player and create a cohesive scene on stage in addition to implementing a series of puzzles to continue the story, pressing buttons and locks to trigger that is being sought in caves –, but also gives room for the player only “move on” with the story if he so desired.

    Come for the history, stay for the gameplay: The gameplay Owlboy works as a twin-stick shooter. As Otus doesn’t have many skills in time to fight, just a rotating wings that work as a stardate blow, the remainder is in the hands of their allies, and Otus the raises and uses the particular skill of his friend, as in the case of Geddy, who shoots with a humble, but rapid, pistol. As you (and a considerable portion of his enemies) can fly, the combat is relatively vertical, having to watch in all directions so as not to suffer any surprise attack.

    In addition to the traditional combat, Owlboy alternates between missions in which you need to be stealthy and to solve puzzles based on agility and quick thinking to solve them. These moments fleeing the fighting are great to change the tempo of the game, and they were placed in perfect moments not to leave you bored and always add something new or different.

    The controls are responsive and well calibrated: I haven’t had a single problem when performing any movement, whether of Dodge or attack. The freedom that Owlboy gives you in combat is welcome and has a broad range of possible attack and actions, even possessing certain limitations for the abilities of each character.
    Already the struggles against the top guys are fun and accelerated and intense from start to finish. There isn’t a dull moment, and the challenge follows the progression and his understanding of the game, it is not easy or too hard, but hard enough to make you happy and satisfied when I finally overcome a challenge (or boss) exceptionally complicated.

    Owlboy Diverse Scenario Understand

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