• Owlboy Admirable Game Art Understand

  • Owlboy Admirable Game Art Understand

    Owlboy Admirable Game Art Understand. According to the producers, Owlboy discusses the “hi-bit art,” defined as an improved version of pixel art we see in 16-bit games, giving room for more details and more fluid animations without abandoning the nostalgia inherent in the pixel art that we love so much. And Owlboy does exactly everything that. Is an incredibly detailed and animated work, since the characters, objects, enemies until the sets as a whole, giving it to feel the effort that was put to breathe life in Owlboy for art.

    It’s the little reactions that earn the most attention, however: the way that Otus acts when expressing a feeling of sorrow holding their wings like a blanket and walking dejectedly; of joy with a gigantic smile when see Geddy or is ready for a mission; in amazement with bulging eyes and paralyzed as it passes by something entirely new; and even thoughtful, getting more pressing and stirring with your hands as if you were preparing a plan to get out of a tight spot. These tiny details add depth as great in characters that are impossible you don’t have the minimum of sympathy or care about their welfare.

    Another plus point is the art direction, which is quite creative when creating this world where owls are bipedal beings belonging to one of the dominant breeds. Owlboy invites you to explore the small corners of floating islands to meet a whole new world, with its ecosystem and several peculiarities that add layers of information about this society that puts owls and humans living in (apparent) harmony.

    All these elements create a full scenario for Otus and his friends explore the way they see fit. During the game, you will get exploring since threatening forests with vineyards and trunks full of thorns to caves with various levels, scenarios with crystal-clear waterfalls to lava rivers, open and ready to be exploited until ancient structures and giant ships. All this mixture of nature, technological and further increases the complexity of the world of Owlboy.

    Owlboy Admirable Game Art Understand

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