• Luke Cage’s Original Netflix Understand

  • Luke Cage’s Original Netflix Understand

    Luke Cage’s Original Netflix Understand. The series breathes black culture like no other. It is a low and well-observed vision of everything that celebrates and distressed black society as a whole. Luke Cage is a bulletproof black man, that is, everything that we, black people, we want to be in the current state where being black can give you a bullet in the back marked by racial discrimination from a black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt. On all of these racial tensions in America, Luke Cage appears in a perfect spot to make a strong statement about the danger that’s being black in the 21st century.

    But also, Luke Cage enjoy black culture and puts it on a pedestal. Serving as a contemporary blacksploitation series blends the Archetypes of the genre created in 70 years with the class and black excellence for today. All the negro created is appreciated the way it should be, Luke Cage makes a point of mentioning the black people who built the nation on its back; Shows the great icons of Harlem and New York, as the tailor of hip-hop, Dapper Dan, and the rapper of the group Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man; And uses a lot of, but lots of music for the series.

    Music becomes a living thing in Luke Cage, not only to make the action scenes more frantic but as a complement to the personalities of the characters. Cottonmouth has a poster of the Notorious B.I.G. in his Office to represent the fight to become the King of Harlem, Luke listen to Bring Da Ruckus of the Wu-Tang Clan in time to bump into the thugs and Mariah Dillard always makes sure to put more soul and jazz in the Club Paradise, serving as a trip down memory lane to a time when your grandma Mama Mabel, dominated Harlem. These musical moments can be subtle but add depth in the characters, particularly villains.

    The soundtrack is also great, with artists Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad working on songs and bringing a hip-hop vibe of the ‘ 90 on top of funk, jazz, and soul, creating a familiar sound that enhances the ambiance of contemporary and blacksploitation emphasizing the most intense moments of the series. This attention to detail is rewarding, seeing as Younge and Muhammad can produce a soundtrack that becomes a character itself alongside many others. There are still several easter eggs that honor the culture of hip hop and black music, such as the fact that the titles of the episodes are songs of the duo Gang Starr, in addition to the many times that artists and their songs mentioned in the dialogue.

    When I spoke at the beginning of this text, the biggest problem of Luke Cage is part of the Marvel Universe; it is precise because we have a series so different from what we’ve seen, but it still has the need to include in the world presented by Netflix movies and series. Not that the series may not be able to enter this world, actually Luke Cage is the one that got me sell the idea, with the characters always mentioning the first Avengers, known as the “Incident” in which a man with hammer and a big green guy tried to save the city while another guy in armor flew with a nuclear missile into space other details, such as Claire talking to his lawyer friend, talking about the woman who gave a shotgun shot to the jaw from Luke, and the passage in which appears the Trish talking about the popularity of Luke Cage in your program, Trish Talk.

    But even starting to include as well in the universe of Marvel, Luke Cage becomes a much more complicated story that addresses important issues about racial discrimination. And the fact that he was from Marvel, this thread is decremented by the audience, losing a potential that is not the fault of the creators of the series, but their fans. This is not to say that Luke Cage is a free series of mistakes, there are serious problems in the structure and rhythm, scenes that don’t make sense and which don’t match the personality of the characters, others that appear in the middle of the series but fail to capture as much as those who have already been established, and tedious moments made to fill the standard 13 episodes per season , a recurring series of setback Marvel produced by Netflix.

    Eventually Luke Cage features a range of excellent performances, especially Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi and Mahershala Ali, all serving well to their characters and mastering each of the scenes, especially in times when they interact with each other and see how the actors have embraced their roles to the fullest.

    As well as the intimate conflict of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is in tune with the base in superhero series and movies to focus on the personal struggle of the protagonist and in those who are affected by collateral damage, turning the superpowers in an important message about black culture and what we’re going through in a moment right soft celebrates Black excellence while your higher level by addressing all topics to get a series that, even with some problems, is of extreme importance to the Marvel Universe and our society as a whole.

    Luke Cage’s Original Netflix Understand

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