• Stealth Violences in Filthy Lucre Sees

  • Stealth Violences in Filthy Lucre Sees

    Stealth Violences in Filthy Lucre Sees. Filthy Lucre, made by independent production company Fabrik arrives with an interesting proposal: uniting the old-school style of stealth games with new mechanics and an almighty challenge to put the test the player’s skills in trying to get in places highly patrolled and leave there carrying everything I can steal. Filthy Lucre does not have that name for anything. The game puts you in the shoes of a professional thief with a work that could be considered of dreams: you have been hired by a dangerous and sadistic old at rock bottom, an ex-milionário who has lost everything he had for Harry Carter, another millionaire who managed to get all the old over their mansions, cars, and all your money.

    Your mission: Invade the properties of Carter, steal everything you can and harm him more and more until you are ready to give the final blow. The game doesn’t deepen a lot in its plot, we don’t know the name of the old man who hired us, know only your face, your hatred for Carter and his orders: hit him where it hurts, no matter what. The game then lets us act the way we want, by the equipment we have. First, the player can choose a character to control, then, two firearms and two equipment. And then, it’s time to go to the missions.

    The tasks were divided into five areas, each with three stages. The five areas are the junkyard, the water treatment plant, the mansion, the offices of a commercial building and the Bank. Just a phase released at a time in each of these areas and only released after completing step 1 of each of the four areas above. Each area is different from the other, both in its visuals and its resources. Some have more guards, others have less. As well as each zone has various items and points of interest that the player can use to your advantage, or to make it more difficult the life of played.

    The game has objects highlighted by colored contours that can be intrados: Yellows are items that can be stolen, Greens are secondary objectives, primary objectives, are golden and the blues are weapons and objects that the player can interact, such as panels, computers, and various objects that produce sounds and distract enemies. And with that, the way to get in and out of a phase is entirely in the hands of the player. The player can choose to use stealth and killing enemies unnoticed, using their equipment to create traps or using your scenario, calling radios, TVs or messing with other objects to attract enemies and kill them silently. Or you can go pro shooting straight and face the enemy in the face, courage, and shots.

    However, each player’s action has consequences, and the AI of the game is very competent in responding to them. If the player by chance chooses to go unnoticed without killing any enemies, yet WOULD be able to realize its presence. Some enemies carry access cards to open doors, and the player can steal these cards from your pockets without them ever knowing. However, eventually, he will realize the lack of this card and will alert his companions of his disappearance, leaving the alerts to possible danger.

    Also, the enemies perceive changes in scenarios: they listen to loud noises and are suspicious of different ways, if the player activate elements of an own situation to make noise, the nearest enemy will check the source of the sound, and I don’t see anything wrong, will return to his post. But if the player hit a wall or run making noise near enemies, they will check the source of the sound, and how not to see anything, they will be suspicious and warn the others via radio that something isn’t right, and look for strange things out of your post.

    In addition to realizing that certain items were stolen. Enemies typically watch the Green items of secondary objectives. And if the player can take these items without having to kill anyone, enemies, and even security cameras realize the missing item, and enter in a the State of Alert to search for whoever stole the item.
    The game has a danger to the player, the Heat Level. It marks the warning level of enemies on you. Whenever an enemy sees you, find some companion dead, realize stolen items or if surveillance cameras caught any of the situations mentioned, the meter will filling. The meter can reach level three, increasing the danger to the player as the level goes up. If the meter exceeds the level three, a countdown appears, and when it ends, Special Forces soldiers appear on the scene to hunt you down, and if they show up, that leaves one option, escape, because they will stand directly behind you, and there’s no point in hiding.

    Stealth Violences in Filthy Lucre Sees

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