• Filthy Lucre graphics and sounds See

  • Filthy Lucre graphics and sounds See

    Filthy Lucre graphics and sounds See. Filthy Lucre has simple graphics, but well made and mostly functional. The game stands out clearly the objectives, items, and enemies, and has very well constructed scenarios, with lots of details and who suffer changes. Some scenarios, such as the mansion, are visited more than once, and each new visit, the layout “transforms,” with new obstacles, new open rooms and halls visited in previous phases blocked. In this way, the same stage turns into an entirely new with these changes, never giving the game the feeling of repetition.

    The lighting of the game is excellent, light and dark environments affect both the visual, as the response of the characters. Dark rooms highlight computer lights and panels and causes the enemies use flashlights inside them. Light environments stand out well its elements, especially the player, which is very vulnerable in open spaces and bright.

    The soundtrack for the game is excellent and significant. Players who run well in stealth even hear the songs in the competition, because in Filthy Lucre for a very clear rule: If there’s music playing, you are in danger. With the player incognito, heard only the ambient sounds of the game, however, it is sufficient that only one enemy realize the actor, is seeing it directly or having evidence of their presence, a song starts playing and accompanies you until the end of the game. And the higher the Heat Level, the more intense is the music. So if you start listening to music, take great care.

    Filthy Lucre is an excellent game for lovers of stealth and strategy. Its gameplay and atmosphere, combined with the theme of theft match perfectly and create a real immersion, while the player is facing the enemies silently or in open fire. The game even has a co-op mode, both online and split-screen, where two players work together to make clear in each phase. In addition, each stage has, in addition to the primary and secondary goals, challenges to the player trying to do, how to finish the stage without being seen, steal some amount of items or killing enemies in a specific way. Increasing well replay factor of the game, which is short, with just 15 complete missions, but just right to have so much fun. Filthy Lucre was launched on 16 September for PS4 and PC, with support for the PlayStation VR.

    Filthy Lucre graphics and sounds See

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