• Earth’s Dawn Audiovisual Understanding

  • Earth’s Dawn Audiovisual Understanding

    Earth’s Dawn Audiovisual Understanding. In Visual terms there is an excellent innovative element. At the same time strange characters, but whose style is single and runs some of the traditional cartoon. It seems much more with one of those glue animations, where the movement is both locked and incredibly fluid. The player initially has an extensive list of options to choose your hero and, throughout the game, there’s as much practical as aesthetic elements to customize it.

    The enemies are very detailed, yet they lack variations. The first areas have 3 or 4 guys that come up to the mountains, in the shape of horses and more time, that combine in different amounts, but always from the same models. Then the next phase has the same enemies, only in a different order of appearance and so on. When changing area, there they are again, with a different color or something. The exception, the heads of phase.

    The scenarios, in turn, gain details and beautiful textures, but also repetitive. Caves, environments on the surface or spaceships are all equally spaced, with minor variations, that almost nothing contributes to the aesthetic experience. The music, epic and always worthy of the best action movies, drink a lot of references to the Rambo movies or Predator of the years 1980 and, within the artistic proposal, are very well placed, but the visual using little of these elements.

    Anyway, there’s a very good freshness in Earth’s Dawn in his aesthetic proposal, but the repetition is your biggest opponent. Has great ideas that add up to the brute American style with Eastern style and equipment movements, these elements that feature an incredible variety and that stand out for being original and work very well when used within the game. The primary sin, therefore, is of enemies and environments.

    Earth’s Dawn is, say, a game. It’s nice, but the repetition takes a bit of its luster. Has an intuitive gameplay and with complex and sophisticated elements of evolution, while providing recurrent challenges and taking advantage of microscopic new skills. Is dull when presenting similar missions and, Furthermore, the need to repeat them, but can do with that tiresome or annoying.

    A game, so extreme that in the end offers an experience with the positive balance. Individual elements reported here were perceived only when looked at critically and may pass unnoticed during the gambling sessions that, inevitably, not last less than 2, 3 hours. Only then do you realize that if you spent so much time performing the same actions.

    Earth’s Dawn is available for XBox, PlayStation, and PCs One 4. Unfortunately, is not located to the Portuguese. Even if it does not interfere with the game is something that during the Administration may leave the understanding of what will be built or managed a little more complicated. At first, these functions scare size the volume of information on the screen, but after the player gets used to it. What matters, after all, is get down to kick some alien bastards, as only the best audiovisual products.

    Earth’s Dawn Audiovisual Understanding

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