• Night Call Investigates Murders Understand

  • Night Call Investigates Murders Understand

    Night Call Investigates Murders Understand. Time to look into a series of murders on the streets of Paris thoroughly noir. Meet now Night Call, intriguing and promising indie game arriving in 2017. Night Call has the highest climate noir detectives, but not places you in the role of a hard-boiled and experienced detective. In the game, you take on the role of a taxi driver, who knows Paris with the Palm of your hand, as it is all the time taking people to and fro.

    When police revealed that a series of murders throughout the city have some connection, you decide to investigate on their own. You are a taxi driver, after all, and it’s the whole time chatting with unknown people. For many of them, the taxi driver is a confidant, a friend, and many secrets can be revealed during a race.
    Thus, its role is to go collecting clues and information the only way your job allows: through the conversations with their passengers. Just try not to be too obtrusive, because their glut of curiosity can make people suspicious.

    One of the promises of the game is an entirely narrative shaped by their choices and dialogues, 105 km ² of an actual excerpt Paris recreated on a game and a scripted not passenger system, i.e. its story can go through crazy twists with each new passenger who you meet. An interesting detail is that one of the studios behind the game is the Monkey Moon, and works there an old acquaintance:

    Laurent Victorino, producer and game designer who was working on Tiny Avengers, promising that beat em ‘ up the Avengers that, unfortunately, has not received the nod from Marvel to be produced. Good, but that’s all in the past, the future is Night Call, and he seems absorbing! The game must be released in 2017, and so far, has confirmed versions for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

    Night Call Investigates Murders Understand

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