• Small Radios Big Televisions Audiovisual

  • Small Radios Big Televisions Audiovisual

    Small Radios Big Televisions Audiovisual. Small Radios Big Televisions adopts an aesthetic that blends stylized environments with low poly realistic landscapes. The result raises an interesting mix, as it creates a dichotomy appears between the “real world” and the psychedelic worlds to which you travel through the tapes.

    There’s not a lot of music in the game, and when there is, it is quite Ethereal and punctual, tailor-made to harmonize (or not) with the parallel realities that cassette tapes show. In practice, the audio of the game has a relaxing vibe, and it combines with the competition, which does not offer dangers or action sequences, being essentially a calm and contemplative experience.

    In practice, Small Radios Big Televisions is almost an adventure point and click, as the gameplay itself is very limited. How much you like him or not is directly related to how much his retro-psychedelic vibe will sway you. I found the game weird and a bit vague, but the overall experience was relaxing, even if your footprint “trial and error” play a little against this proposal and may leave the player lost. But, if you are in search of differentiated experiences (and even a little nostalgic), Small Radios Big Televisions can please you.

    The point is that it is not always only just put a tape to play and ready. Find the tapes already is a challenge by itself, but in many cases, this is not enough: you need to put the tape in contact with magnetic devices and here is something that young people may not know that deforms the contents of the video, turning your content into something even more surreal and warped.

    So, if you don’t find anything on “common” version of the video, you might find something on “distorted” version of it. There aren’t many tutorials no clues, you need to follow the good old trial and error method to progress. Look for a tape, set to play. If you find a green ORB on it, great. If not, locate the stuff of magnets, a buggy on the tape and put it to play again. Small Radios Big Televisions was released on November 8, with versions for PC and PS4.

    Small Radios Big Televisions Audiovisual

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