• Sara Is Missing Face Terror Understand

  • Sara Is Missing Face Terror Understand

    Sara Is Missing Face Terror Understand. Innovate in a genre known as terror is a challenge for any developer. The genera have been explored by many points of view, platforms, among other styles and increasingly immersive trials. This creative freedom best enjoyed in the independent scene, where the most unusual ideas can have their space, not as limited as the games-blockbusters (but not rule).

    Sara is Missing is a great example of this, being the first game developed by Monsoon Lab, Asian independent Studio that promises much after this first release ridiculously immersive (and terrifying). Sara is Missing is a simulator of terror, whose premise is simple and incredibly realistic (whose entire game aspect seems to have thought very well): you found the smartphone to a girl named Sara and must discover their whereabouts to return your phone. The phone is damaged, corrupted data and lost sections, making the task.

    To assist the player in this critical task, the system offers IRIS, the artificial intelligence of the smartphone (in an apparent reference to the CRAB Apple), which, with a strange and almost human behavior will help you unlock the sections of the appliance and find its proper owner. The game brings a very realistic simulation of an iPhone, containing the interface based on Apple’s operating systems. Adding that the applications used daily (mail, photo gallery, messaging, Notepad) and use that is familiar to any user of a smartphone, the game can make you feel an intruder, a stranger using someone else’s cell phone.

    The interaction with the other characters takes place through chats, emails, and even phone calls, giving a much truer to the NPCs that interact with you. The story develops through conversations and choices based on the answers you decide during these dialogues. Adding this to the IRIS, the weird virtual assistant, with their opinions and super careful with Sara and you have a game that is straight out of real life. I repeat, this Simulator is very real.

    As soon as you perform initial maintenance, recovering some files, IRIS says it is of utmost importance to find Sara and know his whereabouts. With the original release of e-mails, calls, and chats in messaging application (the equivalent to Whatsapp), we must start the investigation as follows: To find an image, text or excerpt any detail that call your attention, you must press and hold the location on the screen, performing a mapping by IRIS, which will tell you how that can connect with the rest of the content on the device.

    So far so good. After some bizarre behaviors, after all, the phone damaged, no? The game begins to introduce ourselves a bit more who Sara is: an ordinary girl, with longtime friends who go out together sometimes, who recently broke up with her boyfriend (whose contact is like Derek and Louis something like Derek Asshole) and studying an area of knowledge a little unusual, parapsychology.

    OK? Then you already understand one bit where the game starts to develop your story. In the first few hits have e-mails exchanged with the supervisor of Sara, talking about spirits and viruses in cyber platforms, like a virus and ghosts could exist in the universe of a technology of cyborgs and other future technologies. Also, we have friends involved with witchcraft, colleagues by sending chain letters with videos cursed, distorted photos, IRIS behaving increasingly human and other factors begin to leave everything increasingly sinister.

    Sara is Missing is a simple game, with versions for Android and PCs (although it highly recommended that the Android version chosen for a 100% immersive experience), with simple graphics and objectives after all, is a Smartphone Simulator. Visual depicts with fidelity a smartphone, with transitions, animations, sounds and all features that a phone “really” has. Already the audio experience is something that makes a difference, not by quality and effects, but mainly on how they applied to the gameplay. Example: you get a call from a friend, serving as if it were a common bond, also gets audios and videos of contacts by the messaging application.

    Conclusion: it’s complicated deepen the experience of playing Sara is Missing without giving further spoilers on the story itself and of the mysteries/fights she provides, but it’s definitely a scary thing, realistic and tense that’s keeping you from the beginning to the end, with real choices that impact on history.
    The end of the game is something that motivates both, not being a little abrupt and lacking a particular conclusion, breaking a limited experience and not giving a well-constructed conclusion.

    Sara Is Missing Face Terror Understand

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