• Run on the Slopes of Gran Turismo See

  • Run on the Slopes of Gran Turismo See

    Run on the Slopes of Gran Turismo See. Gran Turismo was the phenomenon most of the Playstation, redefined the concept of racing games forever, took the simulation for the Islands, brought tons of cars, and even offered original tracks, which marked the virtual cockpit and are with us to this day, in the most recent games of the franchise. Wear your helmet with a few pixels and comes running again in these tracks with us.

    If you play flight simulators on the console today, thank the Gran Turismo. The Real Driving Simulator led to the Playstation, on 23 November 1997, at first only in Japan, which was only possible on the PC: play a racing game with as much realism as possible. Until then, the Islands were space for games more focused on arcade speed, ignoring for the sake of gameplay the seriousness of a race. Need for Speed and Ridge Racer offered cars and circuits cool, but with the fun of a drift or a curve to 350 km/h, which says no to anything that was realism.

    TOCA: Touring Car came in the same year of 1997, and already offered more dangerous elements of virtual piloting, but was restricted to a small audience. Concerning impact, it was Gran Turismo who conquered the public, offering the ambitious realism, but also bringing much new, which was not common in his time. Starting with the number of cars: 178. Need for Speed III, released around the same time, it came with “only” 8 vehicles, plus a secret (18 were in the PC version).

    These absurd cars needed to be purchased. Simulation mode you already put in the race, no frills, but to enjoy the game like it should, it was necessary to face the Simulation Mode and go shopping for cars at dealerships of their brands, while races were held and money in your box. The phenomenon was so much that formerly sold only to the Japanese public, the then-unknown Polyphony Digital is over having to adapt the game to the United States and Europe, which yielded a 10.35 milhões sale of copies, becoming the best-selling game for the Playstation at all times, in front of up to Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid among other classic 32-bit definitive Sony.

    Gran Turismo also drew attention because of its graphics. Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the franchise, since the first game wanted to take the best of the spirit of the real race to games. With that, the cars had 300 polygons to be drawn, which guarantee for the season, stunning effects of light and shadow, as well as rarely seen in games details time, also recalling the classics, which, although replays showed some flaws, also called attention to sound like a TV transmission. Not to mention the realistic behavior of each car, from the street to the luxury vehicles that ran on tracks with enviable physical, even for owners of computers.

    And, among so much good and revolutionary as Gran Turismo, couldn’t be without talking about race tracks in the game. From the second match, real slopes were being added, but in the first match, we have 11 circuits, based on five tracks, with their appropriate adaptations. They are all marked and are in all games in the series, including the last game of the series, the Gran Turismo 6. Since you have the helmet on your head from the beginning of the matter, I invite you to kick me in some of these clues, while we’re commenting on each one of them.

    Run on the Slopes of Gran Turismo See

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