• Gears of War Four Game Understanding

  • Gears of War Four Game Understanding

    Gears of War Four Game Understanding. One of the most hallowed franchises of recent years is back: Gears of War 4 arrives next Tuesday, introducing a new generation of Gears for the violent and frenzied war. Check out our review of this unique unmissable. Gears of War 4 is going on more than 20 years after the end of the third game of the series (the facts of the Judgment does not count, after all, he is a spin-off that chronicles event preceding the original trilogy). The war with the Locusts apparently ended, and what’s left of humankind remains in a State of constant vigil and affliction, under an almost dictatorial command of COG.

    After a brief introduction full of flashbacks that retell some of the war, we are introduced to the new trio of protagonists: JD Fenix, Del Walker, and Kait Diaz. The village where they live is without power, and their plan is to break into an old COG complex to “borrow” a Forger, equipment capable of manufacturing various useful things. Of course, that won’t be so easy. For some reason, the first Minister of COG believes they are traitors, and puts a bunch of robots peacemakers on the group. To make matters worse, then they can take the Forger for the village, the location is attacked by strange monsters, killing almost everyone and capture the mother of Kait.

    These new monsters don’t look like the Locusts of old but still decides to ask help JD someone more experienced: his father, the famous Marcus Fenix. The group leaves for a risky rescue mission in which you will have to deal not only with these new monsters but also with old acquaintances and with the heavy artillery of the robots COG.

    What we have here is not exactly a story, but a premise that should be better developed in the next games in the series. Is more or less what Microsoft have done with Halo 5, whose mission is to introduce new heroes for a new trilogy. The backdrop of a “new trilogy” of Gears established with 4 Gears, but the story itself is in the background so that the whole game is a huge rescue mission. That is being produced by a new Studio The Coalition, responsible for the great remake of the first game and whose only purpose is to work with the series Gears, Gears of War 4 maintains the same feeling characteristic of the franchise that virtually reinvented the genre “third person shooter with coverage.”

    The gameplay is extremely familiar and remains mostly the same, but brings some good news. To begin with, now you can rip an enemy of a cover and end it instantly at the base of the knife, in a violent melee attack. This is extremely useful against snipers and other enemies wise guys who remain “staking out.” There are several different animations for this attack, all right. If the gameplay remains mostly the same, Arsenal had good news. Beside the old known Lancer and Gnasher, now we have weapons like the huge shotgun Overkill that give two shots at a time and the powerful Markza rifle. Other than that, we still have shock grenades and some large weapons that leave your character slower but cause some damage and so much on the carcass of the enemies.

    Among the new weapons, my favorite is the Spear-saws, a stumble that fires circular saws that bounce off the walls and break common enemies in half like butter. Recorded below the first meeting I had with this baby and their use in combat. These new features fall like a glove in the classic gameplay of the series, bringing freshness (and blood) for a game that remains extremely well calibrated and hot to play. Independent feedback of the triggers of the Xbox One improves the experience, allowing you to “feel” each shot and each enemy that cut in half by the Lancer chainsaw.

    Gears of War Four Game Understanding

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