• Kyurinaga’s Revenge Samurai and Vegetables

  • Kyurinaga’s Revenge Samurai and Vegetables

    Kyurinaga’s Revenge Samurai and Vegetables. Vegetables have appeared in some other games, but in the game of Reco Technology they look like the true samurai of the time of the shogunate, in a platform game with pinches of action, that is Kyurinaga’s Revenge! Kyurinaga’s revenge: in the game, you will follow the adventure of samurai Kaoru Tamanegi, which is an onion, and the street fighter Brocolli Joe, that by the name we know what vegetable it represents. Here there is already a first interesting point to note, that although the game based on Samurai, and at the time of the shogunate, he has characters that run that and represent other stereotypes of Japan, like ninjas, Karateka among others.

    Here the story is just an excuse to give you a reason to do what you’re doing. The main characters ‘ dojo is attacked by Kyurinaga, and you must go through a small “hero’s journey” to get stronger and be able to protect what’s left. The story is told through dialogue during gameplay or static scenes well by. A potential lost the chance of doing something more funny and dirty because in short most of the time the game just takes seriously anymore, and the whole comic falls on the Brocolli hero Joe is one of the few that make some jokes that take that corner of mouth smile.

    The green part of these vegetables: the game is a platform game, with little room for action, and combat even you only find in the few chiefs of the game and are fighting with little action by the way. The rest of the game you will just jump across platforms and avoid spikes, chasms and other obstacles that can kill you just touching you. To try to differentiate a little gameplay, the game features two good surprises: the first is the ability to switch between the characters, so that each have their particular skill and that needs to be used at the right time, or until combined, the, however, is that there are few moments that reminded developers to use this aspect in the game. Oh, and if you have a two player to play with you, each controls one of the characters, and the good old “sofa multipolar” is always welcome.

    The second pleasant surprise, is a minigame in which the characters are in the center of the screen and as the enemies arrive, you must push a button, or a sequence in time in order to defeat enemies, something that has already been well executed in mobile games, or in KickBeat in the Vita or the game Daxter for PSP.
    A feature that almost was going to the bad part of this review would be about the difficulty of the game since the beginning of it is too easy, however, as he will, it will become increasingly difficult, something that doesn’t happen with the puzzles of the game, which are few and simple, but in general are kind of cool.

    The Damaged Portion of these vegetables: now that I’ve written everything that the game could offer good let’s talk about things that were not so well prepared these vegetables. What bothers most of all is the level design. What else is evident when playing is like the stages are long and uninteresting. What we have here is a short game of long stages. Instead of thinking in brief but varied stages, the game features phases that it usually takes more than 20 minutes (this depends on how many times you die, of course) that present the same set of challenges along with them and with a little-varied setting, becoming quite dull as we move forward.

    Kyurinaga’s Revenge Samurai and Vegetables

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