• Fax from Sarajevo On its Adaptation See

  • Fax from Sarajevo On its Adaptation See

    Fax from Sarajevo On its Adaptation See. Adapting a work is no longer an easy task. And it all gets even harder when feelings so own a local situation need to be transmitted to other cultures and that readers don’t face the same problems. And that’s exactly what happened to Fax from Sarajevo, originally released in 1996, but that in the book biennial of this year included the launch in Portuguese, after adaptation of Sidney Gusman. Sidney, who adapted to the Portuguese to HQ, is editor of Mauricio de Sousa Produções, therefore, responsible for the stories of Monica’s Gang. Also, is editor-in-Chief of the universe HQ, the website specializing in comics, being awarded many times with the HQ Mix Trophy, the recognition given to Brazilian cartoonists and their works.

    Fax from Sarajevo was done by Joe Kubert, comics legend, who worked with Batman, Hawkman, Flash, Ghost Rider, among other heroes. Kubert here tells the funny experiences by Publisher Ervin Rustemagić and his family in the siege of Sarajevo, in April 1992. At the time, Serb soldiers fired without mercy on anyone who tried to leave the city by patrols or snipers throughout the buildings. Also, had his home bombed Rustemagić and lost all their possessions, which included a unique collection of comics from around the world, and that editor and his family seek survival in the shelters of the city already devastated. The only way of communication which he encounters with the outside world is the fax and with them, will narrate the horror of war and genocide that caused the deaths of thousands of Bosnians.

    Kubert was one of those who received the faxes directly from Sarajevo and decided to narrate the stories and images sent in the form of a comic book. The work narrates the two and a half years of privation and fear that Ervin, his family, and many other Serbs had to face, during the flight to Slovenia. The work earned Kubert awards such as the Eisner, Harvey, and also at the International Festival of Angoulême in France. We talked to Sidney Gusman on the adaptation and difficulties: What was the biggest challenge to adapt a work as complex and staff to our language and our audience? Well, the primary challenge of adapting a work awarded and well-known all over the world is to preserve the essence of the original version while maintaining the characteristics of our language, according to what the author tells the story.

    It was absorbing, because, in a few moments, the English text quotes excerpts relating to the war had to find a like or similar term that would make sense for someone who was reading in Portuguese. In the end, the result was pretty fresh and that conversation with the Brazilian Player the same way the original version does in the United States and the Portuguese version makes readers in Portugal to name the two I know. The story has an extremely personal content, both of whom lived the events as to who wrote the story. Seeing all this “outside,” how did you observe this sensitivity and take the story to the reader, the purest way possible?

    Although the Joe Kubert to be an eye witness of the story he narrated the facts based on messages received from Ervin via fax, it is precisely this point, when you make an adjustment. In addition to preserving the original, you have to translate the same emotional charge that the text is showing. I can’t be cool in a scene that shows the desperate character, for example. That’s worked especially in speeches, lectures, name-calling and situations of surprise. You need to have that sensitivity to pass the reader in a way that he sees in that situation. The book recounts a terrible situation; everything went wrong for the family of man, and there are times when the reader to and for a moment enough to think that it’s an actual story.

    In other words, will be a chance of a “happy ending” decreases too much. In adapting the story, went on in his mind the possibility of someday tell a story of someone else, in character similar to Fax from Sarajevo. I work with comics for a long time, so I’ve adapted many works, both fiction when based on real events. Interestingly, more than ten years ago, I made an adaptation of the Gorazde Area Security – Joe Sacco, who is a journalist, who made the comic book based on the situations that he experienced in the war in Bosnia. The Joe Kubert is also impressive, but what differentiates the two is that of Kubert was created from the messages received from another person, the Sacco about situations that he witnessed, then it’s even more painful.

    Anyway, transpose the emotion of another person to another language, is always a challenge. So, I try to be as thorough as possible to what the author originally did. The comics are a medium that has few adaptations of facts of real life, compared to the movies or the books. Just to quote one example, in addition to Fax from Sarajevo, Gen-bare foot is a unique story about World War II. Believes that there is room for more “real life” in comics, especially counting the sorrows of war as this work adapted? The comic began to focus on the autobiographical stories in the last 10:15 years. So, it’s a mistake to say that the universe of comics only has fictional stuff. The point is that unfortunately, this has the same disclosure and dimension of cinema and television.

    Has many comics based on the experiences of the authors themselves, besides those mentioned, have bad – the story of a survivor, Art Spiegelman, who has a adamant story about World War II and was the only comic to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. There are also Fun Home, Alison Bechdel, David Small Scars, the patchwork of Craig Thompson, various works of the master Will Eisner and many others. There are autobiographical comics of different genres and is something which is gaining more and more space, including in Brazil. So we can prepare ourselves that still has a lot of good stuff being produced for all genres, audiences, and tastes.

    Fax from Sarajevo On its Adaptation See

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