• Union of voice and American Actors Sees

  • Union of voice and American Actors Sees

    Union of voice and American Actors Sees. A delicate situation that has been extending for more than a year is about to become drastically, with the Union that represents many famous voices in the video game industry threatening to go on strike against various producers. The SAG-AFTRA, which represents several actors who lend their voices and often their bodies for dubbing (the famous voice actors), is organizing a strike as a result of more than a year of negotiations with the video games industry for better-working conditions and remuneration for professionals. The entity has been trying to negotiate guarantees for professionals, including Tara Strong (who has worked on dozens of games, since Metal Gear to Lego), Roger Craig Smith (Batman, Assassin’s Creed), Jennifer Hale, among others have demonstrated their support.

    Among the applications of the entity, are a pay for games that have sold over 2 million copies and other types of bonus (as occurs in the film industry, for example, where artists continue to receive part of the profits from films that are still on display, whether in film, TV, or streaming services); reduce the time of recordings “stressful vocally”, as sessions of screams, which can injure the vocal folds, in addition to compensation for damages vocals; a distinct definition between voice acting and motion capture, because currently there is no difference (in terms) between the two forms of work; and other requirements, which according to the entity itself “are not full of crazy demands”. The companies targeted by the strike because they are not open to negotiation and have not yet reached an understanding of the Union are:

    • Activision
    • Blindlight
    • Corps of Discovery Films
    • Disney Character Voices
    • Electronic Arts
    • Taiwan Interactive
    • Insomniac Games
    • Interactive Associates
    • Take-Two
    • VoiceWorks Production
    • WB Games

    Scott j. Within, representing the video game industry in this matter, he said the threat of strike of the SAG-AFTRA saying that all this is a very unfortunate situation, hasty and unnecessary. According to him, the strike will only harm the Union itself, because she (literal translation) “represents actors who are in less than 25% of the video games on the market. Any strike would not only against the work of affiliate SAG-AFTRA but would give its competitors, who do not belong to any Union, an advantage while a strike was going on. ”

    He even said that currently, the actors represented by the SAG-AFTRA earn at least $ 100/hour for his benefits and that the games industry proposal for the Union includes increased wages for most players, plus other bonuses and compensation for their work. And that although there’s only one registered case of vocal cord damage due to excessive work, the Union continues to ask for a more flexible working hours for its actors.

    He also said that “we produce Interactive Video Games for the entertainment of the people around the world and as a result, we provide excellent jobs for several members of the SAG-AFTRA. Reach a fair settlement is in the best interests of both parties, as well as various fans of our games. ” The SAG-AFTRA has stated that it will attempt a new negotiation with industry between 17 and 19 October, and if there is an agreement between both parties, the strike will start on the day on October 21.

    The Union asks its members to take strike against companies listed above in projects that were started from February 2015. What do you think of this whole situation? More and more the work of voice actors have received with affection the recognition for fans of video games, and many artists have managed to do his eternal works in several different games over the course of several years.

    Union of voice and American Actors Sees

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