• 3DS won’t be Discontinued Understand

  • 3DS won’t be Discontinued Understand

    3DS won’t be Discontinued Understand. Like the Switch has among its possibilities the free issue, many people wondered if Nintendo would retire the 3DS to bet only on your new console. But according to the company President, Tatsumi Kimishima, laptop follows steady and reliable. For Bloomberg, the President said: “Thanks to our games, 3DS continues to grow, so the console still has its moment. We believe that instead of being cannibalized by the Switch, the 3DS can keep in shape. ”

    And the reasons why 3DS continue are many: in addition to continuing the success of Nintendo in the handheld universe, the console sold, in the last financial quarter, 2.7 milhões units. Pokémon Sun/Moon also enters the list of arguments, because they are the best-selling games on pre-order in the history of Nintendo.
    And still, on the Switch, Kimishima also commented that there is still nothing to ensure about virtual reality for the console. Although Nintendo has not closed the doors to this technology, including reactivating studies and research about it, the President said that there are still barriers between the kind of games that they do and the ready for virtual reality.

    Switch with 4 GB of RAM? Also, also appeared a rumor recently taken forward by insider Emily Rogers, who after quoting some games that would be part of the console, also brought a platform specifications. According to her, the device will ship with 4 GB of RAM, twice the Wii U.
    She also claims that the console will have 32 GB of internal memory, with the recommendation that the game cards have 16 GB as a standard, but with the indication that may exist cards with more space. Nintendo said it will only talk about technical issues of the Switch in 2017 and considers everything that advertised before that as the rumor.

    3DS won’t be Discontinued Understand

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