• New Releases of the week Understand

  • New Releases of the week Understand

    New Releases of the week Understand. October ends, November begins, and don’t stop! This week gets to the shelves the new Call of Duty, accompanied by Owlboy,BlazBlue Central Fiction and more!

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: the new chapter of the CoD series takes the series (even more) for the future, and promises intense fighting with the footprint typical of the film franchise. It is worth remembering that those who bought the Legacy Edition of the new CoD still takes to toast the anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, remastered version of one of the most beloved games of the saga.

    Owlboy (PC): excellent platform game that was almost ten years in production, at last, comes to Steam, promising a differentiated platform experience and beautiful visual in pixel art.

    Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4, PS3): the new chapter of the series BlazBlue reaches consoles Playstation family, with new characters and the beatings of excellent quality that 2D is a trademark of the series.

    Super Dungeon Bros. (PC, PS4, Xone): a dungeon crawler with rockier theme and emphasis on multiplayer. Gather your friends to explore dungeons, destroy monsters and escape of deadly traps. It is worth remembering that the game can be downloaded for free on Xbox One, by all means, Live Gold Subscriber.

    Earth’s Dawn (PS4, Xone): blending frantic action with visual 2D manga style and RPG elements, Earth’s Dawn puts you to rid the Earth (at the base of the shitload) of a hostile alien race.

    Rock on Racing Grand Prix (PS4): Formula 1 game that mixes up/isometric camera with a lot of speed and rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.
    Seraph (PC, PS4, Xone): embody an “and” invoked that is ready to fall out legions of demons in this stylish and frenetic game that mixes platform and 2D shooter.

    Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS): good old Mario Party series is back, promising fun and many mini-games for you to enjoy with your friends on the small screen of the 3DS.

    Wick (PS4): indie horror game in the same footprint of Slender Man, that puts you to explore a forest beyond creepy. His only company is the flame of a candle solitary.

    New Releases of the week Understand

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