• DLC Ashes of Ariandel of Dark Souls III

  • DLC Ashes of Ariandel of Dark Souls III

    DLC Ashes of Ariandel of Dark Souls III. The first DLC Dark Souls III is finally here, bringing a whole new area, new enemies, and more deaths to players brave enough to face the challenge. So come with us and let’s explore together our analysis of DLC Ashes of Ariandel and trying to stay alive until the end. The world without fire, frozen forever: one of the main features of Dark Souls are its DLCs, extra content that adds more challenge to the games of the series and expands even more complex lore and its difficulties. As a rule, does not dictate when it comes to DLCs on the show: they must be Souls much, much harder. And there is the difficulty here in droves, but we can talk about that later.

    Ashes of Ariandel starts in presenting a new and mysterious character who appears at the stake of Purifying Chapel in supplication. When we spoke to this NPC, he asks us help, ask us to show the fire for a lady, and presents us with a fragment of Ariandel paint, and play in the piece, are sucked into the world of Ariandel paint, a secluded spot amid the ice and snow, where wretched creatures and lost. And our welcome to this new world is a creature who tells us to find our festering hole and stay there in peace, as the creatures of this world. And then we begin to understand what’s going on with the rot looking out of this world, but one thing doesn’t change: as with Gothic, the creatures of this world also want to kill us, and they will.

    The news from the ice world: Ashes of Ariandel introduces several new enemies to kill us again and again. And as we move forward in this new world, the enemies are getting stronger and more grotesque. We have Knights in armor, packs of wolves Giants and frightening creatures such as giant flies in its many nests of thousands of eggs bathed in blood. There are still other bizarre types of enemies, but I don’t want to spoil the unpleasant surprise. Together these enemies, we have new powerful equipment for the player, with new weapons, armor, and spells. Highlighting the sword of Onyx, a mighty sword with the power of dark fire, a magic that raises a bright disk that returns to the player, and the Crow feathers, multiple knives incredibly fast and that cause bleeding. These weapons will become a real nightmare for players who venture in PVP, which also speak to on.

    And the main point, the bosses of this new DLC. Dark Souls is a series with several incredibly great bosses, who faced never forget. As Artorias, Ornstein & Smough, Sif, Kalameet, The Pursuer or, Aldrich, Nameless King among many others that would make this huge list. And always new bosses are added, they need something to stay marked in memory of the player, and that something to be marked is trauma. Ashes of Ariandel has two bosses, an optional and your boss’s primary need be defeated for the completion of the DLC. The optional boss is pretty hard, but he’s quick adaptation.

    But the main boss is one that I will never forget, as required of me 3 hours (does not need Rage Quit for me when it comes to Dark Souls, I just stop when I can!) and dozens of attempts to get beat him! The battle is beautiful, with its cutscenes, its climate, the culmination of the lore of the DLC. And it’s cruel, sadistically cruel. This was a battle so intense that she alone is worth the DLC for who is a fan of Dark Souls. After all, if you’re going to play the series, you have to go through these grips and moments of pure rage is not true? And in this new DLC, players are very well served with cavaliers doses of frustration and death.

    DLC Ashes of Ariandel of Dark Souls III

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