• Yomawari Night Alone True Terror See

  • Yomawari Night Alone True Terror See

    Yomawari Night Alone True Terror See. The gameplay is surprisingly simple, and limited walking, aim the beam of the flashlight, run (consumes stamina bar), collect items/interact with elements of scenery and hide. No frills or rodeos, Yomawari is a mechanically simple game that takes advantage of its atmosphere to dictate climate and engage the player.

    Being honest, the character of Yomawari reminded me quite a mix of the first Silent Hill with the always gloomy Amnesia: you explore a city deserted and dark, full of monsters and spooks (as in Silent Hill), and is at all times helpless (as in Amnesia). What you can do in this game is to run and hide. If any creature of evil touch you, is certain death. The sound of Yomawari is disturbing, but it is also a great ally. Whereas the darkness makes you the hostage of the (short) range of the beam of the flashlight, you end up realizing that in many cases it’s easier to trust your ears than in your eyes.

    The heart of the protagonist also helps a bit: the heartbeat of the baby girl are its main “track” you’re approaching any evil creature. They are getting higher and accelerated as she “feels” the danger, and can help you avoid certain paths or by taking courage before moving on. If you get too close to any man, he will pursue you relentlessly. However, the little girl’s stamina bar descends very fast when she’s scared so that you will only effectively get away from slower creatures. One thing you can do is throw stones or kick cans, creating sounds that can distract the monsters. If neither this work and you end up being seen, it is also possible to hide, and then your heart also helps.

    Hiding in the bushes can save your skin in emergencies. When you hide in a Bush to little girl closes her eyes, so that the screen goes all black, but the heartbeat of her work as a kind of “sonar,” giving an approximate direction where the creature that was stalking you is, represented as a red mist (image above). At worst, it helps you out in the shot to the opposite side.

    Yomawari Night Alone True Terror See




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