• RPG for all hours Unepic Understanding

  • RPG for all hours Unepic Understanding

    RPG for all hours Unepic Understanding. Unepic came to the Playstation family fully compatible with a cross-play feature, i.e. it is possible to play on the Vita, do a save “in the cloud” and continue playing on PS4, and vice versa. This feature is absorbing, but I confess that I played microscopic of the game on the PS4, he hooked me was the Vita. As the screen of the Vita is small and narrow, roll a proper drying in the information that is at the bottom, and the look of the game is far cleaner. Everything can still be accessed through menus, but without getting on the screen the whole time, what (in my opinion) leaves on the screen just what is needed.

    In the Vita, the game takes much more clean, without all those menus and shortcuts at the bottom of the screen? Not to mention that the characters are already small, so on a big TV everything ends up being too small and confusing. The evolution of the character is time-consuming because you need to evolve separately various aspects, creating more affinity with certain types of weapons, spells, and even costumes. As in any good RPG, we have giant bosses, which you need to “decorate” the attack patterns not to go down. Real retro.

    The game even had a special appeal in the Vita because, as I said, it tends to become a little repetitive over time. So, I ended up enjoying more Unepic to play it slowly: a little at lunch, a bit more in busão, in bed before sleep. I think the style of the game combines very well with the convenience that a laptop offers.
    Conclusion: For a match that I wasn’t really in the mood to start the play, Unepic surprised me, and: it is simple in its mechanics, but deep within the genre “2D RPG platform”. The charisma of the characters and the fairway with which the story unfolds are most welcome, and away from the game of all other RPGs, great and grave politicized that dominate the market.

    I know that Unepic is nothing new for a lot of people, but I had not yet had a chance to play it, and his arrival to Sony’s consoles came in right time, and no doubt can present the game to a whole new range of players who haven’t experienced the game on PC, Wii U or the Xbox One. I was euphoric to have the chance to play it now, and the Vita proved to be the perfect platform for me to enjoy the game at my pace, a little at a time, anytime, anywhere (and, well, even during the holidays).
    I knew the game was beautiful and be-conceited, but I didn’t expect that he would Captivate me so much. I identified a lot with Unepic, and I know more geeks around the world will surely recognize too, regardless of the chosen platform. Unepic came to PS Vita and PS4 on March 29. Also, the game is already available for some time for PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U and Xbox One.

    RPG for all hours Unepic Understanding

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