• Zelda Scrolls the Breath of the Wild See

  • Zelda Scrolls the Breath of the Wild See

    Zelda Scrolls the Breath of the Wild See. The next Zelda was unveiled at E3 and that you already know. Called Breath of the Wild, the game, through trailers and gameplays presented will bring everything to a Zelda has to offer: gambling with the Link in Hyrule, vases to be broken, exploration and combat. But Zelda can in every game since the NES, offer the same gameplay with exciting additions that make each game unique. We’ve had the addition of music (ocarina, the wind waker), the gameplay changes with masks, the transformation into a Wolf and more. For this time, Link borrowed the game format of Western RPGs, like Skyrim, for example. In other words, despite the world open (and giant) as always, will be the player who will dictate the way to drive the game.

    Also, we have in Breath of the Wild an interesting similarity with Oblivion. The fourth Elder Scrolls begins in a Dungeon to escape, and then the vast world is presented to the player. Because it happens to Link out of your corner (waking up, as almost always) and “scaring” the player when leaving for the vast world that Nintendo is preparing. Want more similarity between Link and Elder Scrolls? That Link also can collect any item to your inventory. We know that Zelda has always been creative as the collection of elements, but this time, they have exaggerated: shovels, pans, food, swords of various kinds, and more can be picked up and used like Skyrim. In other words: get ready to fill your inventory of junk and be the Inspector Gadget in person.

    Another cool thing is in the armament: Link never could explore the world after being well equipped (it’s dangerous out there), but this time Macgyver spirit dwells in the game, which causes the hero to improvise, using pot lid as a shield and anything that has one end as a weapon, with normal wear and tear. Health recovery will also be made as in the Bethesda RPGs: forget the random hearts that run the maps: the business here is devouring a good grilled steak while it’s out to feed and replenish your energy. By the way, speaking of references, it was nice to see the launch trailer, Link trying to dominate a horse as well as in Red Dead Redemption.

    The way the game unfolds suffered also changes: all other Zeldas, although with an open world that offered the player an absolute freedom, especially in side quests and collections of items, had the plot following a “railway line”, and now the liberty will be something deeper here, including the possibility of Link could talk more instead of answers “Yes or no”, common in the franchise. If you explore a world of freeway, looking for secrets by maps of a match, or even give his leaps “automatic,” among many other things, thank the Link. But this time, even with Nintendo quality behind, the game ended up being more influenced than the reverse. The “Zelda Scrolls,” at the same time that represents a natural evolution of the series, also shows how much the Western RPGs, headed for the games of Bethesda and The Witcher 3, are hard and in fact offer consistent and exciting gameplays.

    But there’s no way we can treat it in such a way as to diminish the quality of the franchise and the game, which was only shown, is far from being “just a copy.” God of War has also performed with The Last elements of Us and it is being treated as “text.” I understand that it’s weird to see a franchise that always dictated trends, now be borrowing features from other games (Yes, it would be the same as seeing Mario on an island looking for silver gemstones, or running in green hills with loops), but times have changed and use elements from other games not only means a “lazy copy”. Maybe it’s best to use these features with quality and deliver a legitimate Zelda expecting stated of his fans than “inventing fashion” and offer a game that runs off of all that is good taste and competence.

    Zelda Scrolls the Breath of the Wild See

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