• Warner Bros & Shadow of Mordor See

  • Warner Bros & Shadow of Mordor See

    Warner Bros & Shadow of Mordor See. The Federal Trade Commission revealed that in 2014, Warner Bros. hired YouTubers, including PewDiePie, to speak well of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor without proper disclosure that a promotional video of this category requires. YouTubers and promotional videos have become something on the Internet, serving as a second option for the content producer acquire income in addition to the ads that appear at the beginning of each video on YouTube. And as with any promotional video, it is necessary to explain that the producer tells his audience that is being sponsored by the company concerned lest the mistake in disclosing an opinion that clearly was influenced by a publisher.

    Behold, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a Commission designed to protect consumer rights in the United States, working to regulate businesses and the different ways to promote their products. And after months of investigation, the FTC revealed that Warner Bros. paid thousands of dollars for YouTubers to speak well of Shadow of Mordor. During the campaign, the sponsored videos were viewed more than 5,500,000 times, with only PewDiePie, 3,700,000 coming to famous YouTuber who currently owns more than 45,000,000 attached. The Warner Bros. scheme was involved the cash payment, delivery of a prerelease version of Shadow of Mordor and instructions on how to promote the game in the videos, speaking positively and not being able to show any bugs or glitches that were found.

    To make matters worse, Warner Bros. failed to explain to the youtube disseminate promotional video, only talking to put the information in the description box below the video, where you could see the message when you clicked on “Show More.” And this was only on YouTube, being that there was any information when the videos were promoted on Facebook and Twitter, where these same influencers have thousands of fans and followers. After all this information, Warner Bros. and the FTC entered into an agreement, avoiding a possible penalty and prohibiting the Warner Bros. to repeat the Act, demanding more clarity of company time to disclose any material involving influencers with the intention of promoting their products.

    The FTC also explains the “minimal steps that Warner Bros., or any entity that hires an influence to a campaign, you need to follow in future campaigns to obey the terms of the order.” The steps include educate influencers about the disclosure of sponsorship, monitor your videos and, in particular, circumstances, terminate or withhold payment of influencers and agencies for failure to comply with the terms. If Warner Bros. breaks these rules, she will face legal penalties.

    Warner Bros & Shadow of Mordor See

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