• War Child Announces the Game Help

  • War Child Announces the Game Help

    War Child Announces the Game Help. The War Child, an institution that works with children living in conflict zones on the planet, joined members of the video game industry and Announces Help: The Game. This is a collection of 11 Studios on the globe, who have developed original games in six days. Bossa Studios, Creative Assembly, Digital Curve, Hardlight, Modern Dream, Rovio Sweden AB, Spit Milk Studios, Sports Interactive, Digital Juice, Team 17 and Torn Banner, are the studios that supported the project.

    Today, the world of 230,000,000 children live in places of conflict. And microscopic comes to them, with only 5% of humanitarian funds reserved for the protection and education of all of them. These children suffer from separation from family, abuse, violence and various other forms of trauma. And the War Child intervenes in this scenario, in addition to offering shelter and food, education and protection.

    Miles Jacobson, Chairman of the Committee on War Child UK for the creation of this collection, was surprised with the games industry’s interest: “When we disclose plans to ‘ Help: The Game ‘, we were only mildly optimistic that the initiative would generate interest among the video game industry. But the level of enthusiasm we’ve had in return has exceeded any expectations. Having seen the outcome of games that have already been finalized so far, it is clear that the studios had a great time during the process. And that on July 26 will be the date of the players “, celebrates.

    The CEO of War Child UK, Rob Williams, also spoke for the project: “it was noted that the video game industry had taken this project along with the heart, since, after all, still that every child has the right to have fun, not all have that chance. We are very grateful to all who have agreed to be part of this project and we hope that all efforts not only help to raise enough funds for the initiative, but also increase the knowledge about our project between the gaming community around the world “. Help: The Game will be the publication of Sega Europe through Steam, and all proceeds will be donated to War Child UK. The collection will be launched on July 26, with the suggested retail price of $ 14.99.

    War Child Announces the Game Help

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