• Villains of The King of Fighters Series

  • Villains of The King of Fighters Series

    Villains of The King of Fighters Series. The fighting game The King of Fighters series XIV “will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, announced the developer SNK Playmore in a statement sent to the press. Until then, no one knew if the game would be released for Xbox One or other platforms. The game was revealed during the Conference from Sony before 2015 Tokyo Game Show and will be available for public testing on PlayStation Convention Experience, which will take place in San Francisco, USA, on 5 and 6 December.

    The new “King of Fighters” bring well-known characters from fans, Andy Bogard, Leona and the eternal rivals Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, among others. The game adopts an action style in the two-dimensional plane with 3D graphics similar to that seen in more recent games in the series “Street Fighter.” Chang and Choi returned to The King of Fighters series XIV as villains and receive a new character named Xanadu. Watch the trailer!

    Atlus and SNK Playmore launched a new trailer revealing three more fighters from the impressive list of 50 original characters in The King of Fighters. This time we got the trio of villainy composed by already known Chang and Choi, who has been part of the team of Kim Kaphwan when both were part of a rehab program that apparently didn’t work out, and a new wrestler named Xanadu, wearing a mesmerizing black and white coat with purple flags and holding a blue braided beard.

    According to SNK Playmore, Xanadu described as a lunatic, including a coup in which he lifts the opponent as if it were a baby and the balance to sleep until he quickly joins the legs with the fighter’s head to snap your spine. The trailer also sees the blows of Chang and Choi, like the constant use of their weapons, the giant iron ball of Chang and claws the Freddy Krueger of Choi. Gradually The King of Fighters series XIV will complete the selection of fighters until its release on day 23 of August, exclusively on the PS4.

    Villains of The King of Fighters Series

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