• Vampyr RPG of Life is Strange Understand

  • Vampyr RPG of Life is Strange Understand

    Vampyr RPG of Life is Strange Understand. The combat mode seemed a little slow and the atmosphere proposed by the title couldn’t be so understood because the scenes were just a few minutes and explored just the fight. But, the video can be seen below, with an interview of IGN US with directors of the game, leaving everyone speechless with the scary new DontNod project has to surprise any player.After stunning the world with the incredibly immersive Life is Strange, DontNod Entertainment will lead us to a dark and vampiric adventure in your action RPG Vampyr! Vampyr is an action RPG filled with tense dilemmas: the player assumes the role of Jonathan Reid, doctor World War I veteran who became a vampire and now must decide whether to fight against his bloodlust to save innocent lives or succumbed to vampirism to kill your hunger.

    This dilemma will be the key to the intricate system of level up the game: you get more power to feed off the blood of his victims, but in their “menu” will be virtual all the characters with which you can interact. Thus, each “meal” becomes a difficult decision because each death impacts the direction of the weft of unpredictable ways. The new trailer for the game is very engaging and brings a bit of the dark and bloody beauty that the title will offer. A bit of gameplay was also presented, and shows the supernatural abilities of the protagonist and the combat system of the game. Vampyr is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting game, huh? The Dontnod showed that knows how to work with our emotions in Life is Strange, and this new project has everything to offer choose even more challenging and even more terrible consequences to our actions. Vampyr is a game to keep an eye in 2017. The game still has no release date confirmed, but it is certain that will have versions for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    Vampyr RPG of Life is Strange Understand

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