• Umbrella Corps Identity Crisis Understand

  • Umbrella Corps Identity Crisis Understand

    Umbrella Corps Identity Crisis Understand. Umbrella Corps is a third-person shooter that doesn’t know well what do you want to be. On the one hand, he offers frantic gunfights and rapid departures as a counter-strike. On the other, its gameplay offers tactical coverage and resources that are most common for games with a more strategic footprint, like Ghost Recon. You can, for example, use a zombie as a “human shield” to protect himself from gunfire, as well as shoot blindly behind a cover. But none of that’s actually used for a very simple reason: saved 1 Life mode (which demands a little more careful for obvious reasons), it is easier and more fun to shooting straight and honest against the opposing team.

    The maps of the game are super compact, and it also does not favor very strategic approaches, because there is simply no room for the creation of very elaborate tactics. Not to mention that we have the cracks Skull a species of mountaineering Pickaxe invoked that has a devastating melee attack, which makes the direct combat even more rewarding. See how the maps are small? It’s easier to go to hit straight, and even more comfortable with the cracks Skull. Without exaggeration, it is possible to wipe out a whole team using the cracking Skull in a few seconds. The equipment are very traditional pistols, machine guns, shotguns, grenades and likely a lot of customization, with different types of scopes, silencers and, of course, paintings.

    You can customize your equipment with paintings, patches, and stickers. It is worth mentioning that in free mode the modifications and weapons are released from the beginning, but in the matches Ranked you’ll releasing new equipment and weapons gradually, as rises in level. Zombie Jammer: despite being full of generic elements that we’ve seen in other games, there’s something cool here called Zombie Jammer. He is a kind of technology that all players backpack carry, and its function is precise to send a signal that keeps the zombies away so that you can focus on the fulfillment of the goals and the Elimination of the opposing team.
    However, here’s a plot twist cool: you can destroy the Zombie Jammer of enemy players, and then they will be fiercely persecuted by all the zombies/dogs/monsters that are nearby. Run away from zombies gives a lot of work, and leaves the player far more exposed and vulnerable. There are even special pulse grenades that serve only to make fun of signal Jammers enemies!

    You can only retrieve the Zombie Jammer of 2 ways: dying/resurrecting or collecting a Zombie Jammer of another dead player. Although the little scenarios (and the lack of a sniper) hamper the “amperage,” is a lot of fun to destroy the Jammers of the opposing team just to see the other players being hunted and eaten by zombies. Audiovisual: As in almost all other respects, what we have here is a game that does not stand out, but also doesn’t disappoint; just fulfills its role, even if it is good for a game made with the Unity engine. The characters have that visual style Hunk (with gas mask) and in general are well modeled. The scenarios are somewhat varied, with internal and external environments and some doors, Windows, and events that can be used.

    The Deluxe version comes with skins of classic characters like Wesker, Leon, Chris, and Barry. The framerate of the game is a bit unstable, but (in PS4) never reaches the so dreamed 60 fps. Some glitches (arms and legs going through doors) and animations look a bit buggy (review the submissions in ídeos that are up there) but overall it’s nothing interrupts the gameplay itself. The voiceovers are nothing more the soldiers release generic phrases, and the songs range from themes of suspense until dubstep shy. Regarding connectivity, I had some problems: rolled some gagging here and there, a little bit of lag and 2 or 3 plummeting and error messages. This is the same connection that allows me to play Overwatch cool.

    It is noteworthy also that sometimes it takes a while for the game to gather players and start a game. Whereas many matches barely last 2 minutes, can happen to stay longer in the lobby waiting than playing. Conclusion: Umbrella Corps is a shooter with little content, and it doesn’t strain to be anything but generic. Saved by Zombie Jammers, all we got here we’ve seen in other games, and probably are games with more content, which offer matches between more players and have a more whimsical.

    Although I don’t necessarily find the terrible play, he also impressed me in no time. This is the kind of game “without the soul” you entertained for a few hours, but you will not leave you excited, or will be subject in his conversations with friends because it’s a generic game and with no charisma. OK, I know I used the word “generic” in this text, but this is the best adjective to describe a game that isn’t bad, but also not good or exceptionally creative. If it’s any consolation, at least he is just a spin-off and is not necessarily denigrating the image of the saga Resident Evil. Resident Evil 7:00 pm to come January of next year. Umbrella Corps was launched on 21 June, with versions for PC and Playstation 4. The game features menus and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese.

    Umbrella Corps Identity Crisis Understand

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