• Tastee Lethal Tactics PC Understanding

  • Tastee Lethal Tactics PC Understanding

    Tastee Lethal Tactics PC Understanding. That will come from the planning, which in turn sets between success and failure. This will be the routine of Tastee: Lethal Tactics. From the developers of the HD Age of Empires II expansion: The Forgotten and Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, the SkyBox Labs, was released last may, the latest bet in the strategy genre. In Tastee: Lethal Tactics, planning factor dominates the action of this turn-based (turn-based strategy) a little different.
    The planning is more important than the action: planning is the watchword. Here you are the Director, which will coordinate a plan using all the tools at their disposal to achieve the goals. Assuming command of a team of mercenaries with abilities, advantages and disadvantages.

    As already said, Tastee: Lethal Tactics it is a turn-based strategy game. However, what differentiates it from other games in the genre, as XCON: Enemy Unknown and Massive Chalice, is that their fight is divided into two phases, as in Frozen Synapse. At first, you can only view your team (of up to six characters), the map (with the aim), and what is in the field of view of your team. After planning the movement of each character begins the second stage, where your team completes the movement you defined, while the opponent also moves at the same time.

    Therein lies the tension of the game of SkyBox Labs. By the fact of their movement as that of enemies, happen simultaneously, you are required to plan their action already predicting what your opponent will do. Click the action button after a long planning will certainly make you sweat cold sometimes. Mainly, because there are much fragile controlled. And an ill-conceived move could mean the failure of the mission. The bet and bluff are also welcome to succeed. In single player mode, Tastee presents 30 missions in 10 locations with little creative goals as rescue items, saving hostages and eliminate certain targets. The story is entirely disposable. You’re part of a group of mercenaries who fight against a cartel in the desert. Nothing more need be said. The briefings before the missions serve only to introduce new characters. And they are the real owners of the game.

    Variety, complexity and little explanation: the gameplay offered by mercenaries who make up his team is one of the best aspects of the match. Divided into four broad categories (Gunmen, Bombers, Snipers and Shotgunners), handle and use wisely your unique skills (each class has up to three) is a key point. One of the Snipers, for example, can mark all the opponents were found. One of the Gunmen can possess a flashbang to blind enemies. Still, skills vary in power break barriers on stage or having grenades that bounce off, among others.

    However, this variety of options lies one of the biggest problems of the game: the learning curve. The Tastee tutorial: Lethal Tactics is very simple, just teaching basic movement. Everything else, you have to learn the hard way “, which can be frustrating, since it’s very easy to fail in the missions. The interface also participates, as the sum of small icons with little explanation of functions transforms most of the missions at the beginning in a case of “trial and error.” In the scenarios, Tastee has another plus. All seem to have been built meticulously to provide more alternatives in the clashes. Essential crossroads covers perfectly to prepare traps, beyond their visual detailing, puts that twinkle in the game maps.

    Tastee still has an impressive multiplayer mode. In it, your capacity planning, calculation of risks, and especially of a Bluff, will be taken to the limit. In my particular case, it was painful to be without any redress, defeated by many players better than me. But the creative tactics proposed by some players definitely will give you the will to try again. And use these tactics against other players. The SkyBox used your knowledge in the production of expansions of real-time strategy games to try to make something out of the ordinary place with your new game. The result is impressive, with tense matches, although the luck factor is sometimes somewhat more than the style requests. Anyway, for fans of games in the genre, and in particular for those who love a challenge, Tastee: Lethal Tactics is a “new face” that needs to be known.

    Tastee Lethal Tactics PC Understanding.

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