• System Shock 1994 Classic Reboot See

  • System Shock 1994 Classic Reboot See

    System Shock 1994 Classic Reboot See. System Shock, traditional PCs released in 1994 will return to life as a reboot, announced on Kickstarter campaign that already delivers a demo project to move freely by all. Initially, the project would be only a remastered original game, but Night Dive, Studio responsible both for the original franchise as the new project decided to transform into a real reboot System Shock, not only giving a polished 94 game graphic but adding several new gameplay features.

    Chris Avellone, the designer who worked on games like Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas among many others, and that, is within the project commented some of the news that the reboot will contain: enemies, weapons, and scenarios reimagined by artist Robb Waters. Terri Brosius was reprising his role as the AI SHODAN, with a whole new dubbing. A new soundtrack composed by Jonathan Peros. And upgrading of interfaces, enemies, puzzles and game mechanics for a more modern style and aesthetic sensibility, but keeping the feeling of the original game.

    The project to raise the sum of $ 900,000 for the match to happen, and has surpassed half of its goal with only one day of campaigning. If the amount of 900,000 hit, the game will contain A modern inventory management, advanced controls, new puzzles, levels updated but faithful to the original and different difficulty modes. And if the project reaches the amount of $ 1.7 million, the Night Dive adds new features, including: break-up of enemies, more puzzles, different ammo types of weapons configurations, vending machines, necessary components/research, RPG progression, upgrade weapons, Hardcore Mode (no respawn), and Ironman (Permadeath-Died, you save erased).

    If you are interested in the project, then try testing the pre-alpha demo of System Shock right now! The demo is now available on Steam, GOG and the site of the Humble Bundle. Just click on the links to the pages and download! System Shock is expected to launch by the end of 2017 for PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One. Although not confirmed, a version for PS4 could happen. And if the game reaches its goal, will also receive support for VR technologies.

    System Shock 1994 Classic Reboot See

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