• Sony brings PlayStation News Understand

  • Sony brings PlayStation News Understand

    Sony brings PlayStation News Understand. Closing the second day of E3 2016, the Sony bring news from Playstation and has already begun with pageantry, making his presentation in a theater with an orchestra to make the opening, little conversation, and many trailers. Time to see a summary of this Conference that was breathtaking. New God of War: first Sony has started breaking up and confirmed what many have expected, we will have a new God of War. The trailer brings Kratos back, now old and apparently with a new family, living as a Hunter and coaching a young kid to hunt a snow scene in Norse mythology. Yes, The Last Guardian still exists! And finally got a release date! The game comes on the day 25 October on the PS4. Finally!

    Horizon Zero Dawn: New trailer for the highly anticipated title that puts us in a future where animals and dinosaurs robots rule the world of ruins of an ancient utopian society. The game shows a little more of the story and violent battles against robots destroyers. Detroit: Become Human. New trailer for the new game from Quantic Dream, this time without Kara, the wife of the former Project robot Kara, and focusing on other Android in a situation of danger, showing a bit of gameplay and how work on the decisions that the player should take, in the style of the games of the producer.

    Resident Evil VII. With an incredible trailer, first we think we see Silent Hills again, in a first-person perspective, amazing graphics and a climate of terror hefty, we see a character walking down an old House and abandoned until we have the revelation to be a brand new Resident Evil, which promises to return the origins of terror of the series! Days Gone. It seemed The Last of Us, but it wasn’t. Days Gone is a game set in a zombie apocalypse, where hordes and more hordes of zombies can appear to attack the player in a flurry of bodies running in his direction.

    Several games in VR. Sony is investing heavily in VR experiences and announced several games that are compatible with the technology. Starting with Here they Lie, a deep horror experience in virtual reality. Far Point, a game that puts you in space, to explore and face hostile alien worlds. Batman Arkham VR, a teaser for a new game of man-bat that will put us in the shoes of the Dark Knight. We had Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing, with space battles that both players wanted, using VR technology. And finally, Final Fantasy XV which will have support for VR technology, and puts the player in a shooting mini-game, facing the powerful creatures in the game. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Finally, we follow a gameplay of the new CoD, with an intense space battle, with shooting in ships and fight in zero gravity, and many new skills that go beyond the pure fire. Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders and remastering. Yes! Crash Bandicoot is back! But not the way you expect, the character was confirmed to Skylanders Imagination and confirmed that the first three games of the remastering series, released for the PlayStation 1 would receive complete remastering.

    The Hideo Kojima Game: Death Stranding. In a huge surprise, Hideo Kojima himself climbed the stage to finally present the first game of the new Kojima Productions, Stranding Death, starring none other than Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead! Spider-Man: there’s a new game from the buddy in the neighborhood and for its gameplay, a game as good as Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 2, who played it knows what I’m talking about. With a new look, but with elements of the uniform seen in Captain America: Civil War, webhead arrives with everything in the new trailer. And that was the incredible Sony presentation at this E3, ending with a little more of the gameplay of Days Gone, Sony definitely made the best presentation of this E3, there were so many ads that we here literally stayed in shock!

    Sony brings PlayStation News Understand

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