• Sky and No Man’s Sky Legal Dispute See

  • Sky and No Man’s Sky Legal Dispute See

    Sky and No Man’s Sky Legal Dispute See. The worlds of the games occasionally give us with some fantastic news: what about a TV provider that registers a common word Skys as his trademark and attempts to prevent others from using this word in your projects? No Man’s Skys has been in development for over three years and has been through a few postponements the producer of the game until he was threatened with death by some clueless fans in its evolution. What nobody knew (until now) was that there was a “secret” legal fight going on behind the scenes of the game.

    What happens is that the Skys cable TV provider that you’ve probably heard the word Sky (heaven) as his trademark. Soon, Hello Games would be appropriating the “branded” Skys in the title of your game, and obviously, the Sky didn’t like that. The judicial fight rolled in secret for the past years, but it seems that finally has come to an end this weekend because the official Twitter of producer Sean Murray (and of the game itself) celebrated the fact you can use the word Skys in your game without problems:

    And you know what’s funny? A few years ago, she managed to prevent Microsoft launched a platform in the cloud called Skydrive, and that is why today we use the Onedrive, not the Skydrive, online storage. For more funny and bizarre situation, that’s not so unusual as well. A lot of people must remember that during the 2014 World Cup, FIFA “recorded temporarily” various words of our daily life, such as “Pagoda” and “Copa 2014”, as well as the names of the capital cities that hosted the games.

    In the case of Sky, I think there’s a zeal too, after all “skys” is a word used in movies, music (and games) that do not have proposed with the company imagines hell (in marketing terms) would be if now, on the eve of its release, No Man’s Skys needed change of name because of a lawsuit that we didn’t even know what was going on? Well, the fact is that the Hello Games won the cause, and the mark on the Man’s Sky is safe. If the game is good or not, we find out on day 9 of August, when the game released for PC and Playstation 4.

    Sky and No Man’s Sky Legal Dispute See

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