• Shiny Nice Brazilian Game Understand

  • Shiny Nice Brazilian Game Understand

    Shiny Nice Brazilian Game Understand. Shiny is a platform game in which you must control the friendly little robot Kramer 227 in various scenarios to save their friends from the imminent destruction of the planet we inhabit, called Aurora. The game is the work of Brazilian Garage227 developer and has announced versions for Xbox and PC (Steam). We tested a demo version of the competition, check out our impressions about the Shiny robotic adventure! Metallic loneliness: Kramer 227 wakes up alone in Aurora, a planet in ruins, filled with factories and robots left behind by humans since the globe is in route (and cannot be stopped) merge to none other than the Sun.

    The areas of Aurora show that lonely, because, in addition to Kramer and his robotic friends, little life exists on the planet. Most of the scenarios show a technical side of that world, giving emphasis on the experience of being in a world that was “used” for a purpose, and that is now gray, melancholy and corroded. Zero Kill: But, to survive in this world technological pseudo-pós-apocalíptico, that Kramer should do? Don’t kill any enemy. By the way, have any enemies in the game? Don’t. The game brings a concept zero kill, where there are no enemies to be defeated, just friends to being saved. Kramer has limited energy (as well as any machine with battery), and your battery should be well administered, because we don’t have fights, the little robot will need it for various purposes, such as:

    • Cede power to your friends and save them.
    • Open ports and connecting platforms for moving scenery.
    • Serve as a health bar, being worn in collisions, crashes, and general damage.

    However, the health bars can be filled at checkpoints, which arise in the form of power stations scattered around the scene, containing a limited number of “charges” to be used as lives at the time. That is, besides having a power bar limited, what we have here is an ideal platform that has what few know today: a Game Over screen. This brings up a challenge for the game, motivating the player thinking and take good care of their resources, including taking some moral questions, like should I follow until the end of the easy way or should I save my friends and run, maybe not coming alive at the end of the internship?

    Audiovisual: the look of Shiny is kind of interesting, with beautiful and well-made details of lighting and shadow, as well as textures that make the Aurora look well realistic. The textures are also interesting. The visual of Kramer’s very charismatic, but some of his friends have a more generic appearance. How were robots that worked, this rustic appearance explained? The sounds are satisfactory, with effects that replicate the bumps and ainterações that occur in the scenario. What just highlighting initially were the songs, which are breathtaking, but somewhat repetitive during the gameplay.

    Gameplay: the controls are very simple, and work quietly during the gameplay and tested using both the power of Xbox as the keyboard. With the control was easier to control Kramer, but who wouldn’t like to see a good platform game using a control, isn’t it? On the keyboard, use WASD to walk, SPACEBAR to jump and (F) to perform actions that cost energy. Has potential: the phases we reviewed of Shiny brought a real challenge and showed the potential of the game that the Developer Garage 227 is creating, mixing a bit of challenge to a platform game that is simple, but quite charming. In this demo, the story of the game was in the background, and the game is focused on the difficulties of Kramer to escape with his friends on the planet.

    Some bugs in the physics of the game eventually spot a little bit the gameplay, but it’s understandable in a game that is still under development. With a few tweaks, Shiny has enormous potential to become a good release of the Brazilian industry. Shiny has scheduled for the second half of 2016. For now, they’re committed versions of the game for PC and Xbox One.

    Shiny Nice Brazilian Game Understand

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