• Scorn FPS games and Visceral Sees

  • Scorn FPS games and Visceral Sees

    Scorn FPS games and Visceral Sees. The Ebb Software presents Scorn, a game that puts you directly in a complex world that looks like a living organism made of flesh and bone. For developers Serbs of Ebb Software, an atmosphere is a critical element to implement in a game mechanics. At least that is what we can see in the trailer of Scorn, an exciting project that puts the player in a universe removed from a feverish nightmare of H.R. Giger. But talk that Scorn is only that would be a demerit, other artists like the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and the painter Zdzisław Beksiński, are some of the greatest inspirations which gave life to the game.

    Especially Beksiński and Gothic paintings calcified bone, death, and decay, portraying one of the greatest horrors he lived: World War II and the Holocaust.
    This climate of discomfort and disgust holds the Viewer subtly, showing enough to increase the interest of that universe and the distress of being in a place that seems so alive, but at the same time as dead. The trailer, inspired by the films of Tarkovsky, such as Solaris, makes use of extended scenes that, according to the developer Ljubomir Pekar in an interview to the Kill Screen, make sense within the game, “pulling slowly into that world.” Add the visuals of Giger and Beksiński and we have a horror game that can maximize the central theme and say something about the innards of our own bodies, showing images as a creature made of flesh and cartilage in agony by the relief of death, who Interestingly does not happen in the trailer, leaving a visceral sensation and dislike about the universe of Scorn.

    The game itself is also kind of interesting, funded by a private investor after failing in a campaign on Kickstarter in 2014, Scorn is intended to be a more realistic FPS, with movements and more human interactions, how to get an object by hand instead of him floating on the screen, as well as utilize mechanisms and instruments. Another important feature is the shortage of ammunition, forcing the player to keep an eye on it, use the coverage during a fight and act with more responsibility to survive. Ebb split Software Scorn into two parts, and nothing else, without DLCs, expansions or sequels, with the launch of the first part laid down out in 2017 on the PC.

    Scorn FPS games and Visceral Sees

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