• Return of Faith and Parkour Understand

  • Return of Faith and Parkour Understand

    Return of Faith and Parkour Understand. Mirror’s Edge is back, bringing again parkour that made the first game a real classic. Counting a new, but “old” story, we see the return of Faith, and we know more of the character, whose past and motives had not been much explored in the first game of the series. Then it’s time to rise again on the roofs of the large and colorful Glass City now, for more parkour and action on the real skin, and now younger Faith Connors. A sequel and prequel to the same time. We follow Faith back into your life with the runners, outlaws who dominate the roofs and perform sensitive delivery and act against the conglomerate, a megacorporation that controls the lives of all in Glass. The journey begins with Faith being released from prison after nearly two years of incarceration, and with a massive debt to be paid to Dogen, Tsar of crime in the city.

    Because Faith was arrested and because she has a debt with Dogen? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t count. Leaving this information to the comic Mirror’s Edge: Exordium. So if you, like me, don’t read this comic book series, will be without knowing what happened before the events of the game. This decision to cut a piece of history to sell separately damages the floor of history. At various times the game reminds us that something happened in the past of Faith and always we are told that it must pay its debt with Dogen. The game’s plot focus on the relationship between Faith and her sister Cat, who already have a connection in the first Mirror’s Edge. The story of the two sisters is absorbing, because the Faith’s past directly connected with the events of the game, besides apparently showing the motives of Faith to be a runner. Throughout the game are introduced to different characters, but unfortunately, they do not receive enough attention so that we can create links with them. In fact, many characters will be able to make you hate them, with the few scenes in which they appear, but a few others suffer the way rasa which is treated, not thus have a charisma to pass to the player.

    The plot begins first in reintroducing the world of Glass, with the control that the Conglomerate holding the iron fist on citizens, the importance of the corridor to the city life, and sure, showing Faith a great city which is our playground. With that, he starts easy, but how things fit together, they follow in an avalanche of revelations and action. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst does not have a plot to make your head explode but can keep you entertained, with cutscenes with incredible visuals and realistic characters, unlike the simple animations of the first game. A story of the past, more futuristic than your present: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is more a “victim” of something that has become quite common today, it is a prequel to the first game of the series, but is much more.

    Taking advantage of many technological fads of today, Catalyst has now drones that patrol the town, holographic panels scattered everywhere, flying cars, skills to hack into computers, surveillance cameras, and even the enemy communication devices, leaving them stunned for a few seconds. As well as laser weapons.None of this was present in the first game of the series, which all mentioned above, possessed only conventional weapons. This new change of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s understanding, after all, the game takes place in a futuristic society, but it does seem strange when we compare with the first match, we didn’t have any of that.

    Return of Faith and Parkour Understand

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